Monthly Archives: March 2008

can’t let her spread her sickness


So being horribly ill all I’ve been able to do (seemingly) is knit the least complex yet large patterns I feel like. So after the great rosmary swing jacket debacle (let’s not talk about that shall we), i succumbed to the Holly Jacket. Simple, flattering, in my size… I had guage and I was hooked.

Here you see the Back and part of the left front as of two days ago, Now i’m on the right front and just breezing through it all, this could be because the second round of anti-biotics is finally working… it could be because the knitting gods decided to smile on me.
Needless to say with papers coming up, school eating my brain, and of course that ever ellusive life I have to live it could be a while before the Holly Jacket finally sees the light of spring.

Next post: the sheer yarn of it all a photo essay in all the yumminess my mom brought back from Abbotsford.