Monthly Archives: June 2008

A day without rain.


Well here be a finished Clap (clapotis from Knitty that is) made from Blue moon’s STR med. weight in thistle and tanzanite, see I ran out of thistle and rather than order another skien I decided to blend the two together. I think it’s good looking and depending on how I feel I can wear one side or the other to the front. Versitle. Thats right…
I finally (accent on finally) finished the swallowtail shawl so here’s a picture of it blocking. Done in misti alpaca lace weight. It took a while but it’s really very pretty. To me it seems a bit… dressy? breakable? definatly not something I’ll wear everyday but it was a challenge and it was fun to do. I don’t think I’ll do another laceweight shawl though, they’re too flimsy for my likeing. I think I’ll stay closer to stoles. Then again I did just cast on another shawl but it’s in DK weight so I feel more comfortable with it. It’s a little more up my alley and rugged.
The Susanna socks for auntie donna are done, and will be blocked before she comes for a visit later on in June. She picked the colorway so Hopefully she likes the patter I picked for her. They seem disproportionate but she does have very large feet, and she likes lower cut socks so cross your fingers she likes them lots.
It was my first forray into the cascade heritage sock yarn, and it’s a nice sock yarn. Its definatly a bit thinner than the stuff I was useing before but it also lends itself nicely to lace patterns. I’m planning something cool for the other skeins of it I have. The Red/Blue is just calling to be a Cookie A. sock I know it is I can hear it right now. It will however have to wait I just casted on some Salto’s for my travel knitting. And I like to keep it down to one pair on the needles lest it get a bit sock heavy.
Saving the best for last this is the Heartland Shawl (from the ravelry heartland shawl KAL). I’m doing it in some dk weight alpaca blend from the Crocus Hills Alpaca place in Pangman Sk. It’s a great grey color and it’s just dang fun. You can see bebop here likes it too.