Ahh it’s been a while mi corazon


But I have been knitting the whole while, between work and life anyways.
I’ve finished yet another clapotis… (done in Knitfrontandback S.A.S.S.Y. sock yarn, with enough leftovers to replace the beret).
This is for Brenda at the university for organizing the Missing Women confrence, it’s in the colors of the confrence so it’s perfect, that and she’s a gorgous woman and a great prof, and really need I gush more? I will.

This charming number is done in Dog Lover’s Sock Yarn (i think there’s still some available on etsy), and it’s for the future neph whom I do believe is being named “Rhodes”, which is possibly thee coolest name ever. It’s just a traditional Baby Suprize Jacket, they’re soo easy to make and it really hilights the subtle color changes in the wool (a merino silk blend which is soft and extreamly plesant to work with). The buttons are going to be yellow lions and dolphins. I may make another BSJ yet as they are so dang easy.
This batt my friends is called “Sunrise”, it came in the mail a few weeks ago and I have been gnawing off my arms not to spin it until I’m done what is currently on the bobbin. Sooo yummy. I have a possible pattern idea for it and stained glass but I haven’t fully decided yet. It’s from Fibermonster on etsy, I tell you this barely wanting to because its so amazingly wonderful I want all her things to myself. (greedy little knitter). I can’t tell you what pattern I’m thinking of making but it will be beautious and beatific no matter what I choose, but I will choose handspun. All I’m sayin.
“Stained Glass” as mentioned above, I love the bluey black color mix. I’m not sure how i’m going to spin it, or how I’m going to spin the “sunrise” but either way I will and they will rock muchly.

In other knit related news I got into the Wollmeise sock club (yum) and that super pumped me up, although it also created a giant need for excessive ramen eating in my household. Between that and neil young tickets and school I’m so not able to spend money for the next little while.
Also I got an email back from Amy at Knitty and the pattern I submitted a while ago got lost, or rather overlooked in the whole process, but I now know she has it and it is being concidered for the winter 08 issue so yay that. I’m pumped to be in the running finally and actually to know that I am is a great…. relief? excitement? thrill?

Okay that’s enough for today, I promise to try and post more, which will probably happen since I’ll do almost anything to not have to focus on school work *evil smirk*


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