So this is october


Here are some commissioned knits awaiting their new home. It’s safe in the bookshelf. Three pairs of men’s socks. Next up, or already started should i say are the two pairs for Janelle, harder to make but maybe I need that to stay awake in classes. These three pairs however are done and waiting. I gave myself a deadline to make them and came in in good time so yay.
As you can see I’ve been working on that 101 things, here are some grasses waiting to be stuffed and eyeballed, all the neiclings and nephling are getting one for x-mass. I’m going with the rule of four for x-mass. Then I’ll pad what I have with more if I need to or feel I need to. But for now I’m two and a half grasses done. That’s right I’m accomplishing things even in the haze of books.
If you think it’s been all knitting in my world you’d be wrong o. I have been spinning too. I finished this bobbin last weekend, and am spinning it’s accomplice at the moment. It’s stuff I dyed myself so I’m attached to it on many levels, it doesn’t know what it wants to be yet. It’ll tell me when it feels like. I’ve still got a skein that needs to be set. I’m going to wait until i have a few skiens to set before I go all set crazy and have an apartment that smells of wet sheep. Kinda makes the cats nutty. Just sayin. They all stand in the bathroom mewling at the hanging yarn, which is strange cause they generally ignore all yarn. I have good cats that way, they have no urge to play with it, only errant strings.

And last but not least, a hat. Yes it’s a strange hat, maybe that’s why I made it/like it. It’s modified from cosymakes geometric helmet hat pattern. I used hand spun silk/merino handdyed with elderberries plyed with silk hankie spun and romney spun, basically a mishmash of things. It looks a little odd, like me. And it hides a multitude of hair sins, since the hair and I are not getting along lately. But I think I’ll make a semi-normal hat to go with as well, and another beret…. okay so I’ve been on a bit of a “I NEED TO MAKE HATS NOW” kick.


About sadieruin

Sadie is an intrepid fibre-file who can be found knitting, spinning, dying, or designing knit patterns when she's not at work. Her sock pattern "Mermaid's Lagoon" can be found in the Summer '09 issue of Be sure to keep up with her knitting, spinning, dyeing (and occasionally weaving) exploits here.

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