Inbetween days.


The mystery beret after it’s second knitting. The first one didn’t have the slouchiness I wanted to I frogged it and reknit it with an extra repeat for the perfectness that it is. Now it’s blocking over a plate, but it totally rocks. It’s out of some Manos that Roxanne gave me in repsonce to the hat I gave her. It basically shows that knitting is a very reciprocical art. One can knit and give away something, and sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes, they are returned with yarn. And that’s what makes me really happy, when someone enjoys the things I give them so much that they voluntarily give me something in return. Especially something as swanky as Manos.
This is the quivet scarf, also blocking. It was a gift yarn from my mother who got it at a “sorry you had a shitty break up” gift. I finally knit it up and blocked it. The pattern that came with it is devine and works fabulously for the yarn. It’s 1/3 Quivet, 1/3 merino and 1/3 alpaca. It’s also very soft and warm dispite being very delicate looking.
It was a quick knit, I seem to be taking to those the most these days with papers and finals all swirling in my head. Hell even right now I’m taking a break from finals stuff to blog this. But I think if i didn’t I’d go insane.
While the amount of knitting/spinning I’ve gotten done lately has slowed to a trickle (which is why I have blocked so much) I can’t wait until I don’t have to worry about school for a few weeks and can just focus on work and knitting/spinning/dying.
The last thing I have to show you or blog about is the Cat Bordhi Mobious Cowl. I made it out of handspun, thicker than I usually spin but i wanted to try for a borderline bulky. This is being called the “starry night” skien because it reminds me of that famous painting.
And now I should probably get back to researching. This paper won’t write itself. Even if i Wish it could.


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