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Shirkin homework (or at least taking a break)


Oh blog, the homework clusterfuck from hell descended on me with a wallop. And while I trudge through it I decided to take a break to display what I’ve managed to accomplish in the interm (a lot can be done while visiting family and takeing time for ones spinning)

This here is the HungryforHandspun (from Etsy) in Cornucopia. It’s Ramboullet, and I have to say, this is my new fave wool, it’s soft and it spins so well. Like butter almost, and the colors. Well if you can’t tell by the throw on my couch, I’m really into these colors right now. Even if Yellow looks attrocious near me.

An overhead shot of the Bonnet I knit out of handspun (pattern in knit one embellish two by cosymakes). I used two different skeins and then did the embroidery (which is hard to take a good shot of let me tell you) on the solid colored side. I kind of really like the way it’s two toned, one side all crazy colors the other muted yet vibrant. It still needs a button and some strings but all in all I’m loving how it turned out.

Okay so you can’t see the embrodiery that well but I loved the look of this picture. I needed to just sit in the sun for a little while after spending a few hours pumping out 1/3 of the midterm that’s due thursday. I can’t wait to block this and get the final parts put on. Then I might just wear it until all the snow is melted.

Spring, makes me think of lighter knits


So since I’ve been suffering tremendous pain of sinuses due to the snow molds I can only assume that spring is trying to get here. And that has spawned a whole repitoire of tanks, vests, and short sleeved tops in my rav que. However I had wanted to make this (the basalt tank from knitting nature) for quite some time. I think spring trying to sprung just sent me over the edge. Since i finished puffy, (she’s waiting on buttons then I promise pictures) I wanted to start on something else of relative size that was for ME (christmas knitting has imbued me with a need for selfish knitting lately).
I have the first hexagon done. After researching it on Rav I concluded to go down a size for a better fit (the weight loss combined with a terminal fear of knowing my actual size has made for some strange knitted bedfellows let me tell you). Now I know my actual bust is 44inches. So I went with the 42 (aka the large) and I hope that was the right decision. The whole open belly part worries me a little but I figure I can always throw a cami under it if I’m feeling super concious. No one wants to see that, least of all me.

And over the week with all the house cleaning I’ve been doing I managed to get it in me to finish spinning escuary from spunky eclectic. I then wound it into a cake and plied it back on itself, i figured I’d get more yardage that way than if i navajo plied it. There’s not a lot of yardage since it’s done aran weight or perhaps DK (i’d wager somewhere in the relm of 18 sts/4 inch) but it’s very pretty, still I see what Amy’s talking about it’s a merino tencel blend and I had a hard time keeping it spun consistantly. It will probably become a headband or something similar. I don’t think there’s yardage enough for a hat, although I could mix and match for the time being it’s going to be set and put away for a rainy day.

February keeps rollin, and so do I… in ways.


The so goth it hurts handspun drying after being set. Since I had a bunch of woolies to wash and some stuff to block this also got thrown in. I’ve noticed that the roving I get from the willow tends to bleed a lot when I’m setting it, like crazy actually. I’ve made a note for other times I set things, Luckily enough it didn’t bleed onto anything just muddied the water like crazy.

This is the bonnet from cozymakes pattern, I have to wind the next ball that I’m useing to finish it because the first skein of handspun didn’t have enough yardage. It’ll look interesting when it’s done but I am okay with that. I started it while we were making our rounds yesterday to see the neicelings. Everytime I tell myself I have too many hats I go and make more… go figure.

The stephaine Japel Feminine Puff Sleeve cardigan. I’ve had issues galore with the math but having said that the fit is really rather good. I have to finish the second sleeve and the button bands and then it shall be ready for blocking and buttons. I don’t think I have the buttons I want for it yet, I’ll have to have a look around the apartment. Still it’ll be good to get something big for me done.

And of course what entry would be compleate without Andrew’s Chocolate sexy manly scarf. If Pam Greer was a scarf she would be this “my so called scarf” in a heathered brown, 100% wool. Quick easy and sure to please.


Here you can see my andre obsession, unblocked, now I have to stockenette for miles but the compleation will be momentous and then I shall wrap myself in Andre on a regular basis. That’s right my neurosis is almost compleate. Wait until I have him tattooed on me, then I shall be truely weird.

Just so you know I havne’t been shirking spinning that much. Here is the Esuary from Spunky Eclectic that I traded with Amy for, it’s currently half way done, it will be navajo plyed or maybe doubled I dont’ know. It’ll be heavier, I’m thinking something cosymakes for it when it’s ready.

And this is my “so goth it hurts” skein of black and burgandy.