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Purple and beyond


As you can see here, I heeded the purple call. It’s kinda nice, I always miss stupid hair when its not around, and now I remember why. It’s fun!

And this is the Arbacia or whatever its called by wooly wormhead, knit out of handspun.
I’m still stuck in this hat buisness, and am working on *gasp* fingerless gloves.

pre-purple, poe club, hats and the exploding plastic enevitable


So As you can see my Poe club came today (well it came on friday but I picked it up yesterday and am reviling today). This here is Cables and Lace Lizard Toes in “Nights plutonian Shore”. I think Lindsay summed it up best when she said “we’re poe-ple” For some strange reason Poe is close to a lot of people hearts, and I understand it as he is in mine as well. So we all understand why I had to jump at the club and get it. Plus the smell that came with it makes me wanna rub it on my dirty bits. There are some men I could slather in this and then take to bed for the weekend. Trust me the temptation is strong.
And somewhere along the lines of insanity having ten things due in two weeks research paper mayhem and darling lana coming home I managed to finish Ziggy (by Wooly Wormhead). I knit it out of handspun BFL on 3.75’s to get gauge and although I was scared by the sheer amount of kitchener it turned out marvelous and does exactly what I want.
You may have noticed the title of this entry is pre-purple, that is because as we speak I am dying the front half of my hair purple (it was okayed by my boss so why wouldn’t I take compleate advantage of it) so this is the last pick for a while that is going to be purple-less.

The big plan for today aside from the boring and mundane is to get the bags finished for the spinning day we’re putting on (by we i mean the local SnB) For $30 you get nine ounces of fiber a drop spindle and a hand made reversable reusable bag to store all your goodies in. Quite frankly the swag is worth double that so it’s a good oppertunity to get some stuff and to learn to drop spindle. I still have to hand dye the merino and split it up but that shouldn’t be too hard, I’m predicting next weekend that will be my plan as it’s the last weekend in march.
I think march is trying to kill me, seriously, I got clusterfucked all last week with stuff and now I’m trying to breathe amdist this spinning weekend and the research papers that are hounding me. It’s okay though, I will make it through as long as I don’t catch a cold or anything. And I’ll do it with purple hair.