I have been knitting… I swear


Just because it seems like I haven’t doesn’t mean that is the case. The February Lady Sweater is still on the needles and I’m almost done the body, it just takes so frelling long. Seriously. It’s out of a recycled sweater that I found at the Value Village. The sweater itself was hideous so I felt no remorse (except maybe that someone worked hard on the orginal sweater only to have it discarded to VV). I’m guessing by the amount I have at the moment that it’s going to be a three-quarter lenght sleeve that I go with for the sleeves.
It seems everytime it gets warm I want to spin, spinning and spring/summer go hand in hand in my world, I have no idea why. But I have been spinning a lot lately. Here is the skein of the lovely stuff I did at spinning day (navajo plyed and weightin in at 4. something oz). I call it “Sparkle Motion”, and if you catch that referance know that I love you.

Remember the stuff I was carding during the power outage? Ya well, I used it to bait myself to get through a paper and ended up finishing the carding and spinning and plying it. Thusly volia (Approx 139 yards) Blueruin was born. Both skeins need to be set but I think I’ll wait until I have a few more that need setting before I do it, I prefer to do a schwack load at once


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  1. wow…you’re a better woman then i…sheesh…i haven’t picked up the fls in sometime…i seriously need sit down and start knitting on it again…love the color…

    “sparkle motion” donnie darko…

  2. and for that yee shall have my undying love.

    And don’t feel bad about the FLS mine langushed for a good week before I bothered with the arms…

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