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No photos here sadly


I have been meaning to get new batteries for the camera (the rechargeables I’ve had for years seem to have finally kicked the charge button).
The roving went really fast for the amount I put up (there are still three left until further notice), I’ll have to gear up the etsy. I confess I’m so busy these days it may take a while.
I got the last of the Jacob fleece drying. I have learned an important thing here, I don’t like a lot of veg matter. I know in theory it’s cheaper but it takes double the time to process and well I guess I’m getting snooty about it.
The ram that is blue black got carded up into a lovely grey, but until I get alisha over here to ply off her bobbins I am not going to get much spinning done. I’m still figureing out the newer wheel so she’s only getting certain fiber I feel comfortable experimenting with.
I have seen the knitty pattern in it’s ready state, I am overjoyed with it. My first pattern publishing experiance, and it was great, the editor Kate was amazing. I totally love her. Logic class is going okay. It’s going. As far as I logically care.
In knitting I started Stephanie Japel Glampyre‘s Textured Jacket from Glam Knits. I’m doing it in Wool of the Andes from knitpicks.
I appear to have the nastiest case of startitis I’ve had in a good long while as I have soo many things on the needles already plus plans for more. My bro and his wife got me a jacket kit I really wanted from Mary Maxim for my b-day. Of course I’m straining myself not to cast on asap. And it’s taking what limited willpower I have not to.
I promise I’ll post pictures soon. As soon as batteries enter my life.

I give you Tori Amos Inspired Roving


Since I said I would on plurk here’s a chance to get these fabulous rovings before I put them on etsy, and since it’s a chance to get them before I put them on Etsy, I’m offering them at $5 dollars US each (plus shipping of course).
There is approx 2 oz per roving, it is a processed farm top, I can not identify the animal except to say it’s not one of the scratchy hard wools, it is definatly a multi purpose roving.
So I will give everyone two weeks to mull the possibilities over. If you want any of them feel free to email me at dirtyjeans(at)gmail(dot)com.
Without further ado I give you the Tori Line:
In The Springtime Of His Voodoo
“in the springtime of his voodoo
he was going to show me spring”

“You touched my hand
I felt a force
You called it dark
but now I’m not so sure”

Spring Haze
“so i know it’s just a spring haze
but i don’t much like the look of it
but all we do is circle it
and i found out where my edge is
and it bleeds into where you resist”

The Beekeeper
“Call Engine 49,
I have come with my mustard seed”

These last four are all the same color, Sweet Sangria
“Balmy Days,
Sweet Sangria,
She’s been gone,
Have you seen her?”

#1 and #3 are SOLD

dying arts


Last night I set about to dying, my major goal being to make a dent in the roving top and to get some of the ram I processed dyed up.
Several hours later this was where I was.

Here are some of the braided tops that are dry and weighted and will go up for sale soonish.

Here’s a look at the drying rack. Top is ram that I processed dyed shaded solids in green and blueblack. The hanging stuff is roving top that’s been dyed, and the bottom two hanging rows are Alishas farm processed fleece.
All in all it was very productive. I’m slowly running out of dye I will have to order more soonish. But getting two and a half pounds done last night was good. Only like 10 more pounds to go. Clearly this is going to take all summer.

Tomorrow I’m going to be going over to moms to plant and start cleaning the garage. She said I could set up a dying studio in there so I want to get it cleaned out asap so I can get all the shelving and other stuff set up and be dying in there by the end of june.



As I can’t really talk about the pattern that’s in the next Knitty until it comes out (or show you for that matter) I will just say that’s been on my mind a lot.
It seems spring has been thrown back as yesterday I woke up to snow…. SNOW in MAY. Okay past the anger, it’s messed with my mojo something horrible. I was on a spinning kick and now I just want to knit big comphy things.
But since I know how I love pictures in posts lets get to the good stuff:

This is the merino tencel from spunky eclectic (esuary) it was only two oz so I imagine I’ll be doing something small, probably a calormitry, it’s very soft. I don’t particularly like spinning with merino tencel though, too slippy.

This is the amazing ram I got from MoonlightBaker on Etsy. I haven’t gotten to the targee batts I ordered at the same time but I really love this stuff, it’s soo smooshy. I spun it as thick as I could muster, and then navajo plyed it for color continuity. I think it will become a cowl or a hat eventually, possibly something cosymakes or wooley wormhead.

And since so many people seemed obsessed with my mock pigtails yesterday I give you the classic “off to work” shot. Please ignore the mess that is my life.

Apollo (or my newest find)


I was at work doinking around on the internet and on the used website for my city I spotted an add for a wheel, a wheel for 100$, with a giant bag of wool, so I messaged the woman, it was unclear if there were two or three bobbins that came with it.
I did a little research, It’s a LeClerc Nilus, which were only manufactured breifly but the LeClerc name is still strong in the loom business so they do a good job. The deciding factor would be the bobbins, if it came with three then I would be set for most spinning needs, and from the pictures I could discern some wear and some stuff that was going to need to be done, but for 100 dollars I was not about to let this go.
I called my mom and she said she would get it for me as a grad present if I wanted and if it seemed like a good buy. Good buy indeed. The woman messaged back that there were three there was a fourth somewhere but she hadn’t found it in her cleaning but she would give it to me if she found it. So I said yes I wanted the wheel and she brought it into the city yesterday.

So this is my new baby girl. The thing was that the pictures as I found out were horrible, a lot of what I thought was wear was serious dust, serious dust and nothing more. The entirety of the body is fabulous, I had to tighten two screws. The shape of the body is impecable.

You can see the big bag of roving behind the bobbin here (i’m thinking of dying up a bunch and doing a sale of some of them – it’s all prepared top and with some color omg how fab). The bobbins are shorties compared to Newo my Louet S10 there’s two ratios on this one and she’s a double drive. but as you can see the bobbins are pristine.

As I was wiping the dust away it just kept getting better, the footman and the treadle are in perfect order, it needs some oiling but nothing more.

This is the one are that she needs help, the paint has chipped off on the wheel a bit, but other than the surface appeal of the paint the wheel is still perfect, and the axle is also in fabulous working shape.
The spinner (the ladies mother) who had her before took immaculate care of her. Apparently the mother is now disabled and cant spin but was glad that it was going to a spinner that would love her and make nice yarn. Plus the money will help out the mother buying things she can do etc. Basically the 100 goes to the mother to do with as she pleases and quite frankly thats the way it should be.

So this is the new baby, I named her Apollo, since the line in Junesong provision goes “Dear Newo Ikkin how’s Apollo been treating you” and my other wheel is named Newo, I imagine them having a camradery, plans for alisha to come over and spin on newo while i spin on apollo are already in the works.

In other news, I am waiting on the last of the ram to dry and then it’ll be dying for that as well.

Now I better go get some knitting for mothers day done. I don’t think I’ll get it totally done today which sucks. Happy MD to all the mothers out there.

The dreaded "C" word, and Lambchop


For some reason I was under such stress during finals that I couldn’t even *gasp* knit. Seriously there was some form of mental block that disallowed me from even remotely knitting. So I started a crochet afghan out of scraps from the baby log cabin blanket. This will make me happy when it’s done because I will have learned a new skill and used up a bunch of superfluous acrylic.

In the mail on the day of my last hand in final a lovely man with a box appeared. In it was this:

This gorgous fleece came from AuntieAnnies from a lovely sheepy named Lambchop. Now I have to say I have never processed a fleece before, a chunck I got at Agribition for free but really when it came to doing the whole partial fleece thing I was perplexed.
I have been reading SockPr0n for a while now, and have watched several fleeces transformed in her blog so I researched and backread her blog (which was really thee best informative source without a book that I found). I started by diving in. I wanted to know the fleece, I wanted to see what it had to offer. So did bebop. He’s very much a fan of sheep.

So I decided to be nitpicky and I got some laundry bags so I could keep the lock formation. I contemplated the Yarn Harlot method, but as my kitchen heats up like crazy when the stoves on and I am one to walk away unsuspectingly I opted for the sink. I layered the locks in the bag after fluffing them out a bit and picking any VM out.
It should be said that this fleece is well skirted and was jacketed so really there isn’t a lot to be picked but I find that if i pre-fluff the fleece before washing then I get more dirt out with less washing. And I am super paranoid about agitation so clearly I wanted to do everything possible to minimize that.

The lanolin just came off, seriously, this was the first wash, Look how yellowish that water is. I really should have uploaded a picture of the finished product but as I feel it’s ongoing I haven’t. Because of space constraints etc I can only really process a little at a time without compromizing quality. So as I truck along slowly I have a pile of fleece that is clean and joyous.

Now the only thing will be if I want to dye it, spin then dye it, leave it plain (this probably won’t happen as me and white are mortal enemies). But I’ll figure that all out when I have this whole thing processed.