Plagues, carding, socks, and Poe.


Can’t keep my mind from the circling skies
Tongue-tied and twisted just an earthbound misfit, I
– Pink Floyd

Okay, I started the Waterlily Top. I found my 9mm circs and boom, a skien was knit up, and now I’m onto skein two, because really… what else is there to do with ones evening? (Don’t mention the homework or the impending letter of intent please).
I also finished spinning up 4 oz. of the Ram that I had processed. It came out in a grey/blue kind of color and then I navajo plyed it. I tend to like the ram in a more worsted woolen aran weight anyway.
This however means I need to card something. There is an itch in my soul for carding and oh yes it shall be done.
The Thelonius socks by Cookie A. are still on the needles Sock #1 was finished two days ago and sock two is well into the pattern. I’m useing the “Night’s Plutonian Shore” colorway from the Poe Club that Violet (of Lime and Violet/Happy Housewife) and Cables and Lace are doing. They’re actually taller than I had expected but the generous helping of yarn will surely make the pair (there probably won’t be much left though).
I’ve given up the ghost as far as attempting to keep myself on only five projects this summer. I throw caution to the wind, let the startitis plague me I do not care. Eventually everything will get knit and eventually everything will get spun, so while I’m busy decluttering and destashing my life, I will just have to accept that the stash of fibre stays no matter what (we will not speak of the acrylic – it serves it’s purpose).


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