Monthly Archives: August 2009

the prodigal’s return


I know it’s been a while and I have been knitting and spinning as much as i can (which is never enough I know) Life is still ass backwards busy, and I’m guessing the dive i took on the stairs last night won’t help me either (my neice put a bunch of rocks on moms stairs while I was babysitting last night I bruised my left wrist and my tailbone, seriously there’s a hideous bruise running up my back).
But since I have much to show I’m going to just do a few posts over the next few days with stuff thats going on.
I am still working on the birthday weekend sweater, I haven’t forgotten about it. I’ve just been working on other things.

Useing bits and bobs of leftover handspun I made one of the scrappy lenght-wise scarves, it never hurts to have extra scarves on hand, how many people ask about scarves I will never attempt to count but for the people I don’t dislike I like to have a few laying around.

While I was sick with what I can only determine was the worst strep-flu I’ve had in years I managed to finish my stockinette monstrosity. It’s been laying in wait in the stash for one of those times where I want to knit but pretty much anything over stockinette is too taxing on the system.
Here it is laying out ready to be seamed. I seamed it did the edging and added the tassles but haven’t photographed it yet.

Some things that will be popping up: my cosymakes autumn harvest hat, baby (blue) bell (who just needs to be blocked), some spinning thats been done, earth maiden (one more chart repeat and shes ready for blocking), possibly vilai but not much work has been done there.