I know I promised more yarny goodness (and it is coming)


but I got a HOUSE.
Okay okay, I don’t have it yet, but I am going after work to sign the papers, and I’m setting up all the different disconnection/reconnections, giving notice at my apartment etc. right now.
It’s been a really stressful week in which I wasn’t going to convocate on time and then I am again, needless to say I am no longer hyperventilating because of the idea of an extra symester for one class.
I’ve been plodding along getting my grad stuff ready since I found out I get to convocate (I found out yesterday which meant today was emails galore to profs for recommendations, revising my CV, digging out the letter of intent to merge the two copies together).
On the house front I’ve been tracking down home inspectors, who I am still waiting on return calls from, calling people about floor restoration (there’s oak hardwood under the carpets in the bedrooms and the living room – I want to take possession early so I can get the floors refinised before I move all my stuff in).
This house is fate, Seriously, I will call her fate. I found her on a private sale website and when I called the man I talked to said there was an offer in and that they were going to get financing, but if the financing fell through he would call me. I gave up then and there, the stress of last weeks educational bumps/ falling down the stairs/ house hunting had taken their sweet toll and I was nearly done in.
Then yesterday I heard from my academic advisor that there was a transfer credit I could use to graduate on time, and the man who owns the house called to say the other people’s financing fell through.
Mom and I saw the house after work, and then went to supper, after supper I called with our offer. So begins the newest chapter of sadie life, I am looking forward to having an “office/computer space” seperate from my living room and a garage that I intend to turn into a work area. YAY.

Without further adeau I give you the future backyard
YARD!! (plus garage)


About sadieruin

Sadie is an intrepid fibre-file who can be found knitting, spinning, dying, or designing knit patterns when she's not at work. Her sock pattern "Mermaid's Lagoon" can be found in the Summer '09 issue of Knitty.com. Be sure to keep up with her knitting, spinning, dyeing (and occasionally weaving) exploits here.

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