idle chatter


Still haven’t gotten the camera re-hooked up since the great virus attack, stay posted for actual picture content. Still on the needles (and getting attention) are the Aestlight Shawl which is almost done the lace portion, the basalt turtle tank (which I picked back up again), the Lacy Batkus (which is suffering without being knit on for a few weeks), and the snail mittens (which get intermittant rows). I’ve been spinning though.
On the wheel is the ram I got and processed from a sheep named “Lambchop”. It’s dyed greens and blues, and I think will have a really nice heathery barberpole when it comes to fruition. I want to do a two ply instead of navajoing it because it’s rather thicker than I’d use on a three ply.
As I was checking in to see where the intentions yarn club was at, I was saddened by the way it’s been going, and what i expected vs. what has come around. I don’t fault Miss V. as when it rains it pours and clearly she’s got some troubles. And while I am still glad to be in the club etc, it’s money I clearly could have saved if I hadn’t signed up and there’s no steady supply of yarn to keep me from feeling a bit like someone who got stood up at the prom. I don’t think I’ll do it again.
I thought it would be more like the Wollmeise yarn club, I suppose having expectiations isn’t a good idea when joining yarn clubs.
In other news a bag of free yarn came today. I have some ideas I want to chart and pattern to make for samples. I squeed when I saw it. Who would have thought a sock pattern would lead to having people want you to use their stuff. I have no problem being a yarn whore, as long as I liked the product before hand.


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