Guess what I did this weekend…


That’s right I reinstalled my camera, and what a hassel, my own fault, I packed the software to install it, luckily there was some on the companies website. So in leau of getting her back online I bring you pictures. Lovely lovely pictures.

Now this may not look like much but I assure you it is. The Texture pattern is basically a cross between a rib and seed stitch, and anyway you slice it that takes time to do. But I do love the jacket so I am willing to slag away on it. And I did get a fair bit done (about seven inches – I’m taking the waist shaping out since I don’t like to emphasize my waist so basically it’s pattern until a certain point then switch to other pattern and volia jacket is done).

The Turtle tank (as I call it – it’s really Norah Gaughan’s Basalt tank from Knitting Nature) is coming along since I picked it up again. I’m on hex 6 of seven. I plan to wear it over long sleeved shirts etc when it’s done, unless we manage to get more hot weather, but I really hope we don’t. The construction of this is so much fun, it’s easy and yet interesting, plain and yet complex. I don’t know how she does it but she does it so well. I think I have a knitter crush on Norah.

When the heat went above 35 (celcius folks – canada does celcius) there was no way I was going to knit with wool. There was no way I was going to knit, I was sweaty and unimpressed. I found a solution however, and that was to spin in front of my fan. I got two skeins of two ply and a little skein of three ply out of this. It’s Lambchop a Rambouillet from Auntie Annies Stuff. I processed the fleece as well as dyed and carded it. This is just a little bit of it, I batch dyed it in different colors this is the second color I’ve spun up, the first being the grey-blue stuff. I recommend Auntie Annies, great customer service, quality fleece, and just plesant all around.

Last but certainly not least is the Aestlight Shawl, I’ve been plodding away steadily since the beginning of the month and I’m on the edgings now, I passed the half way mark for it last night (while watching The Big Bang Theory Season Two). I’m guessing it’ll be done by the weekend.

I also picked up fabric for my convocation dress this weekend. I have a little under a month to get it ready, I also want to knit a shawl to match so sometime this week (soon this week) I’m going to go to the yarn store and pick up some coordinating fingering weight for it. I know I’m going to be under pressure, but I’d rather wear something I like that I can wear again than go out and spend a lot of money on a dress I’ll wear once and forget about. Oh practicality is my third middle name (and if you believe that….).


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