Daily Archives: October 2, 2009

Welcome to the new Blog


I figured since I was going through so many changes (new house, convocation, possible masters) I would get a new knitjournal as well. Dirtyjeans was fine and I still have that email address but I wanted something geared more towards everything, and a place I could put patterns up for sale as they become available (after I move and my sanity returns).

Living roomThat’s the state of my living room (see the recovering cat on the couch). I would feel bad except everything I’ve been doing lately is cleaning and packing


My bedroom is becoming boxville. I put the bed up to get the floor steamed and then decided that I didn’t hate sleeping on the couch and it would probably be easier for a few days (20 now).bedroom 2

As you can see with the other side of the bedroom boxville is starting. I would say I’m at 50% packed at this point. I’m hoping to get to 75% by the end of the weekend. Here’s to hoping. I wouldn’t mind some knitting time either.


The hallway got steamed yesterday shortly after this picture was taken.  I might go over it again this evening.  Depends on if I get the other stuff on my to do list done.