Daily Archives: October 7, 2009

heartland shawl and the further escapades in boxville.


Okay, I know this is an older FO, but I did just spend time reblocking it (and here it is with Bebop, ferocious garder of all things being blocked). I used some Alpaca that I got for a birthday one year a few years ago (which would be the grey) and some of my very first handspun (the blueish with pink along the bottom).  It turned out very nice in my estimation, but I do need to splurge on some blocking wires to get the really nice tips on my shawls.

The bat shawl for convocation is almost done (by almost I mean there’s four rows left of the body¬† then the edging). I want to have that done by the weekend so I can do the applied i-cord or crochet chain and get the dang thing blocked. I only really have nine more days until grad so I need to get a move on. The dress I’m sewing for it is halfway done, it’s been cut out and the body has been seamed I just have the finishing stuff like straps and bodice lining to get done.

Boxville keeps getting boxier, and they keep showing my apartment and scaring my dog. Really it sucks and I live in paranoia that I will be in the washroom and they’ll come and show my apartment, even though I know that is compleatly irrational.

Plans are underway for Sarah and I to go to Comicon 2010 in San Diego. I think I’ll be better for planning that once the whole floor refinishing/ moving is out of the way.

That’s all for now folks.