bats, shawls, spinning, and earth maidens


earth MaidenHere she is fresh from blocking, Earth Maiden by Ilga Leja. I did the big version as I have broad shoulders and wanted something with a lot of drape and wrap. I just need to get a leather strap to lace it up (no i-cords I loathe I cords).  I did it in two skeins of Dream in Color Smooshy in the color Good Luck Jade and man totally loved it.


The bat shawl isn’t ver impressive when photographed (being black and all) but look at the cute bats! It’s the wah-na-na-na-na-na Bat Shawl (my appologies if I missed a Na) and I did it in Hemp for Knitting’s Hempwol. I have 24 rows of edging left then it’s ready for the crocheted stabalizer across the top and a  good blocking. Yay for almost finished projects on a deadline.

I’m knitting the bat shawl to go with the dress I’m sewing for convocation (it has glow in the dark spider webs on it), I figured you don’t get to do it up that often perhaps grad would be an excuse.

Handdyed BFL

That which has kept me from making big progress in knitting. 4oz. of my own hand-dyed bfl. It’s actually all single spun now, I’m going to be navajo plying it soonish (probably when I’m done this post). I tried to spin it finer than I have been spinning so hopefully I get a decent light sport or heavy fingering weight out of it.


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