Not Dead!


Hey everyone, I’m sure you’re all wondering where I went, well I didn’t go far. I’ve been horribly sick, and starting a masters degree, and well let’s not forget how life likes to take a look at whats going on and give you just enough stress so that you’re willing to rip out your hair but not enough so that you want to jump headfirst into the bog of eternal stench.

Masters studies is proving to be interesting, as is TA-ing (Teachers Assistant for all those not up on the vernacular), it however lost it’s fun last week when I started being struck down by this mutant illness (for which I am on a second round of anti-biotics), thank goodness for reading week, I would otherwise feel horrible for being sick for so long. At least one can still read and write papers (with the help of my trusted laptop nicknamed tenspeed).

So knitting… yes I have been knitting, and spinning, because neither requires strenuous exercise.

I started and finished Norah Gaughan’s Loppem (from book 3 I think) out of my very own handspun, the brown was called Fezzik (after andre the giant’s character in the princess bride) and the yellowy stuff was called sunny side up (since it reminded me of eggs).

I read all the errata as well as suggestions which I was thankful for during the knitting, I went a size down as I read that it fit rather large, and I also did a mixture of k2tog’s in the underarm when doing the edging so the arm holes wouldn’t be insanely huge. The last mod I made was button holes, I made them after two stitches instead of four, a common mod, because I wanted the buttons to be in the same place as they were in the pictures.

I also cast on for the knitting olympics. I took into account that I am sick and that school takes priority so my goal is to finish a hedgehog (you heard me right), I am done the knitting currently but I am not finished. I need to get eyes and a nose, felt, stuff, etc. before I can say I get gold in the knitting olympics. Here’s the progress thusfar (don’t be fooled many an end needs to be woven in yet before felting)

Now as I said previously I got a laptop (and he is adorable, or as adorable as a laptop can be, but permit me my weird inanimate object affinities). As I have an “office” at the university now where I can do my research etc, I also have a place to hook up my laptop. So ten speed comes with me pretty much everywhere, and in the process I decided he needed something to look styleish with, so I knit a cozy out of handspun ramboulette (from lambchop the ram) the colorway was called envy. I still need to put buttons on (we all know how long that can take me).

I’ve also been spinning. Mostly because it’s easy to do when I can’t do much else. I had carded some ram (because there’s a lot of ram around here). When I was carding I decided I wanted to do a color shifting yarn, or a self striping if you will, so I carded it and labeled it into four different sections, I then divided the two sections into two so I could ply them together (I didn’t want to navajo ply as I felt it would become too chunky, and ram has a tendancy to poof when the twist is set anyway).

The result was this:

it goes from pink to purple/blue in a four step transition. I think I’m going to knit Citron from knitty out of it. There’s some significant yardage which is nice. It’ll have to wait for a while, because while I have shown you many things it doesn’t say what’s currently on the needles nor does it say how little time I actually have for such endevours these days.

Okay, enough digressions from me, I am alive, and now I should get back to that paper (get used to hearing that sentiment).


About sadieruin

Sadie is an intrepid fibre-file who can be found knitting, spinning, dying, or designing knit patterns when she's not at work. Her sock pattern "Mermaid's Lagoon" can be found in the Summer '09 issue of Be sure to keep up with her knitting, spinning, dyeing (and occasionally weaving) exploits here.

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