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Ola my lovelies, you may very well be saying what is up sadie, and you would be right to. Paris, my lovely desktop, my compatriot since I moved out from my mothers house, died a vallient death. She fought hard but in the end her motherboard fried itself, her various dodads started blowing, and she is being laid to rest. Until the time I can afford a second hand tower I am operating off my laoptop alone, which is fine but it does grate on me, so I dont post as much.

But as I have many things to talk about, here’s a post with the most (minus pictures, sorry).

In non-knitting news this last weekend I finally made my way to the paper umbrella, a local store that carries pretty ink for fountain pens, I got some J. Herbin ink, which is gorgeous, seriously. And as I know a fountain pen aficianado who would cringe if I merely loaded this different ink into my empty pens (seems like what one would do, but no). I set about giving each pen a good cleaning (just water of course). I’m sure the pens thank me in their own penlike way, as I sloshed water in them to get out all the leftover ink and gave their caps a good once over inside and out with a moist papertowel. Then loaded the darlings with new ink, they all seem very pleased. They have been the saviours of my wrists as I have been writing notes like a fiend, because unlike half my department I still prefer to have handwritten notes to fall back on. It’s served me well thusfar if a little laborious at times.

With the advent of summer I have also set to work on the outside of the house. While mowing has improved thanks to mom donating her lawnmower to my cause, the house once was inhabited by a man who although kept an immaculate garage, did not think landscape was important in the slighted. I turned the composts, they should be ready (fingers crossed) by next year, and dug up where I assume at some point flowers had been, but long had gone to weeds. After turning the soil and de-weeding to the best of my ability i planted some flowers mom had left over from her house and set out my gargoyles and garden gnomes. The front yard needs to be trimmed hedge wise, but i took back the spot under the lilac bushes de-weeded it and then sprinked some wildflowers mix, which are happily popping up finally.

The bat house is set to go up once I attach a pup-catcher, after reading up on things i’d rather not be checking the grass for lost baby bats everyday and loosing sleep over it (which we all know i would). One bird feeder is being frequented, and both me and the cats enjoy watching it way too much.

The garden is finally ready to be planted. And that in and of itself has been quite the undertaking. I found some cement blocks in the garage and used them to make half the boarder for the garden, then spotted some hacked up tree bits in the garbage before anyone threw garbage in with them and made off with enough to boarder the other side of the garden. While I would prefer people didnt chop down trees willy nilly, I was grateful to get the logs to make my boarder, free is fabulous, and it looks cute as well. Tim and Colleen came over today and rototilled the soil so pending weather the plants should be in the ground asap. I will take pictures of my glory, and eventually post them.

In knitting/spinning news, i finished carding the corri fleece I got and seperated into two different bags and have started spinning them, the first bag has barely a dint out of it after a full bobbin on Newo my Louet. This fleece may take as long to spin as it did to card, but still it will be amazing, it’s natural chocolate brown/black and sooo soft.

Also as I was given hell by my SIL (i say that while winking of course) for my lack of childrens head sizes knowledge I have started on the hats for winter already, they’re out of handspun, and in cosymakes patterns. I figure if i throw them in here and there i won’t loathe making hats by christmas. That and because it gets cold here i’m knitting them double, by double i mean they are pretty much reversable as i knit linings as well.

The waterlily tank is still plowing away, its almost done for the second time. I look forward to wearing it in the hot weather, three cheers for tank tops that dont make me look like a house.

Basically startitis is reigning suprime here at chez Sadie (as are spelling mistakes my appologies). I have started a good many project but seem to be unable to focus on anything for more than a 20 minute time frame (I blame paperwork and beurocracy). This has lead to a lot being accomplished around the house, but not so much to report to the knitters of the world.

But stay tuned, I’m having a dyeing party in July and surely there should be some serious fun to come there, as well as the arrival of the carder, who should (fingers crossed) be here anyday now.


About sadieruin

Sadie is an intrepid fibre-file who can be found knitting, spinning, dying, or designing knit patterns when she's not at work. Her sock pattern "Mermaid's Lagoon" can be found in the Summer '09 issue of Be sure to keep up with her knitting, spinning, dyeing (and occasionally weaving) exploits here.

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  1. “I’m sure the pens thank me in their own penlike way, as I sloshed water in them to get out all the leftover ink and gave their caps a good once over inside and out with a moist papertowel.”

    Pen-thanks take the form of not clogging up, not stopping writing, and not looking at you reproachfully with their big, dark breather holes.

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