The tour de fleece and onward


Yesterday saw the start of the tour de fleece start, and I for one jumped in with wreckless and wanton abandon. I finished spinning the first ply of the corridale, and have plans to start the second ply today. this sounds like a small accomplishment but understand I now have four wound balls of ply number one on toilet paper rolls, all neatly labeled and ensconced in a  large ziplock.

The majority of this was accomplished while alisha and i watched flatliners and drop dead fred. We wound up bemoaning the lack of fred in the world, and amazed at the resemblance baby snotface has to my neice Zibbie (and yes I will knit her the burgler sweater some day just because I think it would be epic).

I confess my friends my head is not in the game as of late, I am compleatly liminal. I am inbetween waiting on the REB to reach quarum and pass my application, I am inbetween as far as getting my house clean and my lawns mowed, I am inbetween mentally, I think this might be my mid-life crisis. Bit early but I’ve always been an early bloomer. An early bloomer overthinker trapped somewhere between adulthood (irregardless of if I want it) and bemoaning the lack of money and my inability to see tool tomorrow night. Do we ever grow up?

My knitting projects have taken on this schizophrenic outlook, two hats have been compleated, I have to re do the neck of a sweater I knit eons ago for Josie so it can fit her again, and pretty much everything gets a look over or a row when I feel I have time and my mind is in it somehow. Really at this point I should be making dishclothes, but I’ll settle for the ease of toe-up stripped knee socks (basic toe up pattern on rav) in schwartz wollemeise (Pulling out the big guns I know) and the BMFA NSK club color sweet pea which is close enough to white and I really have to knit from my stash for a while with the money straps tightening around me chest. The socks actually make me feel better, its insane that when I’m done I’ll have socks that are worth more than my monthly cellphone payment but so it goes.

If I dont get a tower this month I may break down and install the camera on my laptop, although cluttery and it’ll slow down my processing I am getting ill of not being able to show my work. What can I say I need exterior validation.


About sadieruin

Sadie is an intrepid fibre-file who can be found knitting, spinning, dying, or designing knit patterns when she's not at work. Her sock pattern "Mermaid's Lagoon" can be found in the Summer '09 issue of Be sure to keep up with her knitting, spinning, dyeing (and occasionally weaving) exploits here.

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