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spinning and shawls.


So while i busy myself trying not to be sad about the whole situation with the drum carder I have been spinning (i know one wonders how spinning could make me forget about the drumcarder debacle). I finished the bfl I dyed on dye day it is longing to become something to do with my neices

Here it is modeling itself on Tenspeed the laptop of greatness. I will set the twist soon. spinning of course has that zenlike draw to it, and nothing is as fun as a good zen like spinning round.

I also started my second Ishbel (I know another project I am clearly crazy).

It’s in yarn mom got me from agribition that I died myself in the Joni Mitchell colorway “Blue songs are like tattoo’s”. I’m making the larger version for myself because a)I am bigger and b)I can. I predict the fall to be shawl weather so yay shawls.

In other news the time of university is almost back upon me. It should be fun for the first little while anyway.

Also a happy 1 month to the boyfriend, team oblivious for the win.

a sad day


Well my lovely blog buddies there are no pictures today, today I have to tell you something sad.

The drumcarder which i bought off etsy for my birthday/christmas present from my mom hasn’t come, whats more the seller is awol, and while I am going to attempt to take it up with paypal the shipping time ran over their 45 day thing. Hopefully I can find a resolution, but it has shaken my faith in humanity.

While I will continue to fight and try and get my money back (over $300 Canadian which is no small amount in my universe) I am saddened, I have reported it to etsy but am now in the limbo of just being sad and mad. How can a person take away someone elses birthday and christmas so nochalantly? Let alone that but the seller had 100% positive rating and was very comunicative prior to the sale. It just sucks.

So that’s my tale kids, no birthday/christmas presents for me if I can’t recoup this money, and it’s not exactly like I’m flush at the moment. I may concider selling off some Wollmeise to recoup money. Whats worse is it was from my mom, not only are they jerking me around but also by proxy my mom. It makes me disasterously sad.

Hopefully I can take the edge off tonight with some knitting and quality time with the bf. Le sigh. Le sigh.

Zombies, werewolves, coffee tables, and a jacket.


Friday during the day I was struck with a desire to accomplish something. So I took my leftover sandpaper and my small tin of mistinted paint ($5 dollars ya’ll) and redid my coffee table.  While I didnt end up having enough time to finish it (I want to put on at least one more coat of base paint and then stencil dancing skeletons around the edges) it does look a lot better now.

Bebop and Frankie approve of the new color. And really if the base of the coffee table is fine, why not just make it pretty again instead of buying a new one.

In knitterly news, because I don’t have a 6.5 mm circ (well I probably do but I can’t find one and really I need another project on the needles like another hole in the head) I picked up a project I’ve been working on slowly now that it’s been pulled out of it’s time out.

The weekend jacket, also known as the birthday jacket. I have started the back and have just passed the first armhole shaping. It’s super easy and the bulky weight of the yarn makes it even quicker, I project this will become a total necessity item in the fall. Just the back and sleeves remain, the front (having been reknit) is done.

Although I have been knitting my mind has been usurped with the last book I will read for fun this summer (i’m guessing anyway) Jane Slayre.

It’s a retelling. Lately there have been a lot of these books thrust into the literary world (Pride Prejudice and Zombies, Sense sensibility and sea monsters, Anna Karenandroid, Dawn of the Dreadfuls) and I haven’t really read much from them because I despise Jane Austin (I confess I may yet pick up Anna as I do like Tolstoy) . So far I’m enjoying it, which is telling as Jane Eyre is my most favorite of  19th century lit. Seriously the Bronte’s can do no wrong in my eyes (thus far I have not read Agnes Grey or Shirley yet but the rest I have).  So I’m splitting the majority of my lazy Sunday between knitting on the jacket and reading Jane Slayre. I do recommend it to anyone who digs zombies, werewolves, vampires, and the Bronte sisters, thus far it’s proving to be a tidy and enjoyable read.

hey there coffee girl, beautiful and disaffected


Nine thirty in the morning and I’m doing laundry and thinking about what other rudimentary cleaning needs to be done today. Tonight is a tim burton movie night (Batman, Batman Returns, Nightmare before christmas, corpse bride, edward scissorhands and beetlejuice). The re-makes (Chocolate factory, Alice, Planet of the Apes) have been taken off the roster, if mostly because a)I am scared of monkey’s and b) just watched alice recently.

I did some spinning this last week and ended up getting the Compassion colorway by Intentions yarn (part of the illfated yarn club colors) the resulting fibre reminds me of those cheap ice treats Rockets. You know what I’m talking about the three colored popsicle like thing that was the cheapest possible thing to get from the ice cream man.

Once I set the twist it will probably be a light worsted. I navajo ply’ed it all to try and not muddy the color runs. It’s destined to become childrens something. I don’t know what yet but that’s okay.

On the needles I finished the first Not-so-cherry-swirl sock. Of course having been working on this pattern for so long I decided promptly upon compleation to start a palate clenser set of socks.

It’s been a while since I’ve finished a sock so I’m kind of excited. That and with going back to classes I will most assuridly be knitting more socks, as they are uber portable.

New sock

Pattern: Reptile Lace from Sivia Harding in Knitty.

Yarn: Wollmeise in boxwreath

beads: size 8/0 in a green with amber interior coating.

I’m thinking this might be my bead period as I seem obsessed with patterns that want them. I’m also plonking out dishclothes as my brain turned to mush earlier this week and I couldn’t accomplish more than mere garter stitch. Either way good to have a few spare dishclothes laying around.

Well I should go do some more cleaning and possibly get dressed, going out with fam for lunch, my auntie (who i knit socks and dishclothes for) is visiting from BC.

Nothing to see here, okay maybe one or two things


I have been trying to keep up with life, which involves such unpleasant sundry things as cleaning the cat litter and making sure the mountain of laundry is reduced daily (although truth be told there’s only a tiny little pile of laundry at the moment). As with all summers ends (as classes start back first week of september) I am well on my way to a good clean/purge of the household.Still there has been knitting as intermediate as it can be.

The Not-so-cherry-swirl socks have been picked back up out of sock needing desperation, that and I have been clamboring to knit more socks, it does happen, and figureing that having two pairs on the needles at the moment the least I can do is finish one of the pairs. I’m actually closer to the toe than the picture shows as I went at it for a few hours last night.

So there’s that pair and the black and white knee socks which will probably languish for a little while longer. Of course because I was sock Jones’ing something fierce last night I took a page from the yarn harlot and from Carin (of round the twist with Carin) and set to work in my yarn room doing something incredibly geeky in terms of yarn

I went through all my patterns and sock yarn and came up with this, individually packed and marked bags, each a pattern to its respective yarn. The theory was that the time I spent now would benefit me when I have to get up at 10 to 7 for class and may not have the where with all to assemble a knitting pattern and the right yarn without expending precious brainpower. The ability to grab and go as it were is now achieved.  It should also be said that for the two hours it took me to do this (no small feat matching stitch counts to their respective patterns and contemplating colorways and the patterns, knitters you know how hard it can be) the boyfriend didn’t find it strange at all. You know you have it good when in the deepest darkest recesses of your obsession there is a person who finds your neurosis cute.

Which brings me to an interesting though completely un-knitterly related. While I have in the past been completely balls out about my singledom is it strange that I am far more protective of not being single, ie. I am not single and that is all I really care to tell the universe. Part of me wants to tell the world, perhaps purchase an add in a paper, and the other half is pulling a gollum and thinking it should be kept secret and safe. But I can’t really hide my new found joy from the knitterly community. In fact getting a boyfriend played out rather humorously that reminded me strongly of a conversation with a former co-worker/friend.The conversation interestingly enough revolved around Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog, and how men are actually somewhat similar (if not compleatly alike to) Neil Patrick Harris’s character. To which I the ever jaded singleton at the time replied with shock and awe that such a thing actually existed. And while NPH may have been an extreme case, I can now see that that particular conversation held true.

So my lovely bloggers while you may get oblique references to the boyfriend (who I haven’t discussed blogging with so he shall remain nameless unless he chooses to be identified) , and the occasional knit project associated with him (such as his birthday gift, the D4 dice bag), chances are I’m not going to say much, except maybe that I am a very lucky individual.

FO’s and beading mayhem.


I have been busy, in that way that life kind of creeps up on people. My REB was approved and now I wait for the offical letter to arrive to begin face to face research. I have one more class to register for I think that means tomorrow I will be running down to the uni to get that taken care of. I need to do laundry and cleaning and mow my lawn, these things I always seem to be saying because they never end. They keep on going.

In the midst of all this I have managed to finish a few things. Among them Ishbel which is almost dry from its blocking, then it sails off into the wild blue yonder in a care package for my most amazing soulbloodsister.

Specs for those who care: Yarn Cables and Lace Lizard Toes with Lime and Violet Poe Collection colorway Montressor.

Pattern: Ishbel by Ysolda Teague

I made the smaller one as Lily is tiny and I wanted it to be multi-use, now it can be dressed up or dressed down.

A side project I’ve been whittleing away at was to make some yoga socks for my sister in law, I finished them up on sunday while hanging with her my bro and their kids, but I still had to bring them home to sew in ends etc. She will get them in the near future.

Specs Pattern: Improvised my own (if anyone wants it I can write it up seriously though super easy)

Yarn Bernat Socks in the colorway Camoflage

So I went to the mailbox today, and what should I find there but this months socks that rock package, and it has a pattern by Anne Hanson, I squeed, I also squeed over the colorway “Firecracker” so pretty. And as a suprize there’s also a 200y skein of sock candy 😀

But really any more stuff on the needle and I think I might qualify for a schizophrenia reward. Why you ask, well yesterday I cast on the Sherwood stole (no easy feat, think of the beads think of them). And dispite how much I worked on them, primarily while hanging out with DJ yesterday, I forgot how long stuff can take, seriously I could have finished a sock in that time frame and I’m only to the first life line (I am not confident enough to leave out life lines).

You can’t see the greatness because of my for shit digicam but let me assure you there are three rows that are heavily beaded in there and as I finished the boarder setup I am putting in a life line before chart A, that seemed like the best idea.

Less than a month until classes start up again. I’m strangely looking forward to it. I am also looking forward to TA ing dispite the posts not being up yet because I need the cash. Oh boy do I need the cash.

+30 and still I knit…


Okay so ya’ll saw the yarn porn I had last time, well my first malabrigo had to be something special… this I knew (the way you know things inherently in the back of your mind).  I have two skeins, two gorgeous skeins of glee, and I calculated the yardage around 950, I wanted to err on the side of caution and go with a stole to maximize yarn useage without having oodles of waste, I also knew I wanted it to be beaded (one of my many to do’s for my 101 in 1001). Patterns were elluding me left right and center, the ones that started whispering to me turned out to be either no longer available or required too much yardage.

And that my friends is when I found this:

The perfect shawl for the greeny brown goodness of the Mariposa colorway. Now I just needed beads. Beads, not something I normally require, so I ventured to the Golden Mile where there’s a store called Bead Plus, because well lets face it, I’d rather give an indie store my money than a chain store, and I was going to need help. I found the size I wanted and then promptly started wondering how many beads could be contained in the canister. I went to the cash register where the woman working was doing her thing (beading of course) and asked if she knew an approximation of how many beads there were per vial, and she hadn’t a clue. The reason I’m telling this story is because this is a story of good customer service (something I generally dont recieve unless in a music/movie/comic book store). She had no idea how many beads there were per vial and I had about 4 or 5 vials (I estimated a very very low 200 beads per vial) and she wasn’t having that, she said there was probably five hundred, and rather than let me purchase waay too many beads (because I would have without blinking) she took out a cloth and a counting stick and emptied half the vial on the table and started counting them out. There was a good two hundred + in half a vial so I went with three vials to be safe (a couple hundred over but I’m clumsy and seed beads are small).

They’re perfect for the yarn and the pattern I am truely excited to get to start it. So if you’re ever in Regina, go to the Bead Plus in Golden Mile, the service is fabulous.

Brown lined translucent green seed beads size 8. Hopefully I don’t loose too many or end up eating them for some daft reason.

In other news the shawl plods on, I have Sections C, D, and E left, which sounds like a lot but really isnt that bad.

I’m predicting finishing my first Ishbel sometime this weekend. Which I am taking off from university to celebrate HAVING MY REB APPLICATION EDITS APPROVED. *ahem* Okay that was a bit loud but it was a grueling experiance that I will not want to be repeating for a very long time. Approval means I can (as soon as I get the offical letter) start my person to person research. It may have taken the greater part of spring/summer to get done, but it’s done.

Today/tonight’s big plans are cleaning as Alisha and DJ are coming over to watch movies tomorrow. Mallrats and Fanboys, classic geeky fodder, there will probably be knitting and gaming as well, because thats how we roll in Sadie-ville. The wheel might be coming back out, I think theres been enough time since the Tour de Fleece that I can spin again without it feeling like a chore. Next week is going to be taking care of classes (one more to get registered for) and seeing if TA positions are up for grabs.