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Really, I’m not avoiding a paper…


Nope sure not…

…. so knitting…

I finished my first pair of socks of the semester.

The Not so Cherry Swirl socks I knit. First sock started last semester, second sock completed at university.

Those were finished friday and I did a little happy dance and promptly wore them like crazy.

I worked more on the smocked cable coat from Vogue Knits

It’s out of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Spruce.

Also *drumroll*

I spun and plied the first carded bats from my drum carder.

Drum carded Romney hand dyed, bits of alpaca, bits of dyed angelina, navajo plyed.

It’s currently resting on the bobbin, possibly to be wound off tomorrow.


what’s this…


(set to the tune of the nightmare before christmas)

Mariah arrived yesterday, much merriment ensued, also much carding…

(A BFL/Alpaca mix with sari silk added for glitz)

Yup of course insanity ensued and I put one on my head…. see the carder, she kinda rocks my world.

Ignore  the clutter of my life, enjoy the cardy goodness.

Beatle doesn’t actually care about the carder, the camera strap was far more entertainning. There is something adorable about a 13 year old cat still acting like a kitten with a peice of string.

Before I went to get the carder from the UPS facility I set out my Ishbel to block. I had to stop a few rows before it was supposed to be ended but I still think it’s pretty sweet. I didn’t do a proper full blocking because I was being lazy. Either way it hit minus four here (celcius for all y’all) and I think that offically marks scarf shawl weather. Knitters of the world rejoice.

You may remember how I said I wasn’t worried about my sock knitting prowess in leau of classes starting up again, this is one week worth the class knitting, I’m an inch and a half from the toe on reptile lace sock one. I am totally digging the beading and the pattern thusfar, I can’t decide if I should do the second one or take a break and do the second not-so-cherry-swirl sock. Hard to say….

FO’s and check in’s.


Okay so I finished the weekend sweater, as you can see it’s currently blocking, and for some reason taking forever to dry. Either way I look forward to wearing it as a fall jacket, I may even have to retire the hoodie.

My Ishbel, I finished Charts A and B and am on the second run of A, given how much yarn is left I’m going to skip another A and B and go to C and D after this A. And if you understood that sentence I own you a cookie 😀 I really like knitting this one. It took me  a while to get on the Ysolda train, and the reasoning was this: originally her patterns weren’t that large. I’m a big girl, I’ve said it many times, and I tend to boycott designers who don’t go large. If they don’t have at least one pattern (if they do large garments) that goes up to a 50 something bust I won’t knit their stuff. It’s not that I’m a 50 something (47 for all those keeping tabs on my chest measurements) but I have many well endowed friends and I have their knitterly back. Thankfully Ysolda went and released all of her cardigans etc. with sizes that are large enough, so I didnt feel like a traitor knitting her gear (don’t get me started on Debbie Bliss).

You know how it goes, you finish a big project and all of a sudden other sweater patterns start talking to you. Well Vogue Knittings Smocked Jacket didn’t just speak to me, it yelled, it got off the page and bashed me in the head, and it said “use the wool of the andes yarn”, so that’s exactly what I did. It’s still stockinette at the moment, and I know the cable pattern has errata but still, yay for another jacket….

Modeling the knitting today is Beatle, occasionally she gets buggy and wants to be around me no matter what, this is one of those days. The convalescing cat is crashed out in the kitty house that usually Beatle sleeps in so maybe that’s why she’s so into being around. Either way look! I am on the heel flap of the reptile lace. This is the first sock, the yarn is Wollmeise and the beads are from Bead Plus Regina. I’m guessing the first sock will be compleated this coming week at uni. I may take a break from beaded socks and plink out the other Not-So-Cherry-Swirl sock. It’s hard to say.

So I have been busy lately, it’s shocking I get any knitting done with how busy my life is getting. But it’s all good.

hard weeks end


It’s been a long week, one of those weeks of ups and downs to the point that I hope I do not have a similar week for many days to come. I am currently working on Ishbel for me, Lily got her’s and loves it so that did my heart some good. The earthquake in NZ scared the crap out of me, all I could think was OMG I hope Lily and her family are okay, and they are, it was the other island. Small miracles.

Then peatrie my oldest cat (who graces the pages often) started peeing blood and I got hella worried. She’s 14, she’s not young, and she’s crotchety as hell, I almost cried when the doctor examined her and she was in so much pain. It turns out after an overnight at the clinic its a really bad bladder infection (shockingly this made me happy concidering the other options), so now she’s back at home and demanding remuneration in the form of love for me taking her there and leaving her overnight. When I went to the vet’s to pick her up there was a big blanket over her kennel and a large sign that said “Peatrie Bellegarde CAUTION!” I was kind of shocked, not as shocked as the vet tech when I opened the door Peatrie looked at me and then hopped onto my shoulder/chest and started purring. Yeah she’s vicious alright.

I finished the weekend sweater, it is blocking, pictures to come later. I’m still getting used to being back at school, so much reading so much to do. I’m TAing for three prof’s this semester and taking three grad classes. Seriously must be crazy as shit. If this semester doesn’t manage to kill me it will make me so strong nothing will ever be able to hurt me again. Sure I’m so far into the poorhouse it boarders on sad at the moment (vet bill on top of bills in general). I really wish I could re-stabalize, but I will I have faith.

And now back to reading (you’ll hear this a lot this semester).

never be too proud to use a life line


University starts back on the 8th, which means I have been trying (in vain for the most part) to prepare my life for that jarring shift in priority. I got the drum carder debacle squared away, thanks to paying by MasterCard I was within the three month allowance they have and they reversed the charges after PayPal cooberated the issue with them. Which means I was once again free to order myself a carder that will actually find its way to me. This time I erred on the side of caution and went with a new carder (The louet fine roving carder) and with a company (Coppermoose) which I had heard good things about on Rav. I emailed them and they’re waiting on their louet shipment but were very calming to my nerves, so soon enough I will have my birthday/Christmas gift and both me and mom are happy as can be about it.

School starting soon and weather changing means I’ve been going sweater centric. Basically the weekend sweater which I got for last years birthday present from my brother (you may wonder why it’s taken this long to knit, well I knit the front wrong and it spent a winter in time out) and his wife. Well aside from me liking it, Peatrie and Beatle are big fans as well.

Here they are ganging up on sleeve number one which was compleated last night.

Peatrie’s royal perch with the finished first sleeve and the started second sleeve. I am now done the garter cuff and am working my way up the shaping.

Of course being so close to the end of a project makes you do one of two things: 1) grind your way to the finish line 2) feel the cloying need to start a different project. This project is no different so rather than start yet another project, I started cycling around other projects.

I did a few rounds of the Reptile Lace socks I’m knitting out of Wollmeise (Box wreath from the club) which managed to sate my need for complexity. I’m sure once classes are in the pair will fly off the needles, so I’m not worried about them getting backburnered.

I also ate some crow in that I had to frog the beaded stole back to the life line, at some point I did a double knit two together where I shouldnt have, needless to say it sucked to rip back but I was only 15 or so rows in from my life line so yay that.

Lifelines: Important.