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the slogg (and other related ramblings)


Papers and readings and meetings oh my! Seriously my life has turned into some bizzaro balancing act where I come out feeling tired and stressed everytime I bother to wake up (well except for time with boyfriend because that is about the only non-knitting happy thing I have these days). Currently I should be working on a paper that is due tomorrow (I have asked for an extension and am waiting to see if I will get it, I really hope I do because last week totally sucked for everything).

See last week everything crashed (metaphorically, knock on wood) and subsiquently I had aboslutely no time or brainpower to get anything done let alone all the stuff on my plate.

I did manage to finish the hat for my nephew (a black watchcap very basic) for his halloween costume (he’s going to be a skeleton), although I didn’t manage to take a picture before giving it to my mom to pass on to my brother in case I didn’t get to see him before the weekend.

Friday night I took a “me” break from life and watched robin hood men in tights with alisha while spinning

This is the first ply of two that I’m doing, and the stuff I’m spinning is the alpaca puffs that were here previously. Basically I drumcarded: BFL, two different colors of hand dyed alpaca (from the alpaca Jude sent me), and some sari silk bits. Ideally I want to have this stuff spun up asap so I can knit a nice little christmas giftie for Jude as an appreciation for the bags of alpaca she sent me. My camera really doesn’t do it justice but since I have to put a new front window on my house (Sorry Raven’s March the old window must go as it sprung a leak and there’s no way around needing a new window), and of course living on a student budget with no time to work on the side for extra money really means I’m poorer than shit most if the time.

My in classes/mindless knitting has been my second pair of socktoberfest socks

(as pictured here with articles for the paper, and my printer seems to want to be the backdrop). I’m useing the mummy’s revenge socks from Rav, and then I changed the pattern a smidgen.

(my vain attempt at a close up)

I augmented the cable portion at least with the slants this way to be a knit second stitch through back loop slip first stitch without knitting. This is one of those slanted twists, and I just like the ease of it more than the one stitch cable, really it’s because I’m being horridly lazy. I also plan to do a sliped stitch heel flap gusset style heel, I’m not sure if thats what the pattern calls for or not (because I am too distacted to check at the moment). I am basically at the heel of the first sock, which makes me happy, also the colors make me happy, really the sock makes me happy, and trust me right now I need happiness.

Halloween, Soctoberfest


Okay so aside from the draw that’s going on (scroll down, donate to win, just sayin), I’ve been marking papers (115 first year midterms to be precise) writing papers, going to meetings, and reading enough to kill off almost anyone (someone tell me why I do this to myself again).

Bebop got a haircut and a little halloween outfit

I finished knitting my first pair of socktoberfest socks, the Niagara Falls socks from Janel Laidman’s Eclectic Sole. I did them out of the Patons Kroy sock FX in Camo colors.

For the record they’re going away and will be a part of my mom’s christmas gift. I know she’s too busy to read the blog so I’m not worried about her seeing them in advance.

It’s rather hard to get a good shot of the pattern, even more so with the yarn choice, but I assure you they look good, and will fit my moms feet (as they are too small for me).

Having finished the first socktoberfest socks I cast on another pair, totally halloween tastic. The yarn is from a swap a few years ago, it’s gorgeous, seriously, alas it came without a tag so I’m unaware of what exactly it is if anything. I’m useing the revenge of the mummy pattern from Ravelry.

Okay, that’s my mini-update, and now to have some lunch and get back to reading and writing. Tis the busy life of a student around here.

heads up y’all


More prizes are on their way for the IVF drawing. I hear there’s a handmade needle case and more yarn… plus if i get around to takeing pictures, fibre batts. (Bear with me thanksgiving nessessitates many different meals in various capacities – note: Aboriginal Canadians do celebrate thanksgiving but it’s more of a “we are still here” kind of deal).

I finished the reptile lace socks and started on a pair for soctoberfest (Niagara Falls by Janel Laidman), and once I get a handle on the backend of this prizefest and my thesis work (have i mentioned its midterms week so marking starts as well) then I’ll tackle more pictures of wips and spinning stuff. You know I’m still knitting, I’m just doing it 15 minutes at a time, and mostly to keep from keeling over.



Okay, Have I gotten your attention yet?

Here’s the story:

Some very lovely people want to have a baby. After three years of trying, they are now gearing up for IVF. IVF isn’t cheap my knitterly friends. It’s not even in the spectrum of moderately priced. So being the intelligent wonderful people they are they started something up:

(Go read the story etc then come back, I’ll wait).

So there are some seriously cool perks, way cooler than this perk but.


Okay did i get your attention?

That’s right, from Now until Midnight  November 21st Canadian Central Time, for every 5$ donated your name will be entered into a random draw for some free yarn/fibre.

Prizes thus far include:

1 Skien Wollmeise 80/20 in the Merlot colorway

2 Skiens Misti Alpaca Lace weight in baby pink

1 Skien Intentions Yarn in Friendship (from the Intentions Yarn club)

Fibre batts may start popping up, perhaps the ones featured here recently.

Official pictures to come at some point this weekend (it’s thanksgiving here in Canada), so donate now donate often. To Donate simply go to the website listed above, down the right side of the of the page is the VIP perks section, simply select the appropriate perk and proceed. Winners shall be announced both here and on the site on Monday the 22nd of November.

Come on, we all know knitters love babies, charities, and free yarn, so manage to get all three in one fell swoop, and maybe some free Wollmeise along the way.

(Note: Persons interesting in donating things to be added to the draw are more than welcome to, PM me on Ravelry (BlueRuin), or alternatively shoot me off an email dirtyjeans (at) gmail (dot) com.)

We can do it!


Edited to add:

one gorgeous needlecase

and two lovely skeins of Rowanspun 4-ply

Keep those donations coming as the prizes just keep getting better and better 😀

dead space.


I tried to post an entry yesterday but for some reason couldn’t post pics so i held off. Above is the ram i carded on the new drum carder, browns and yellows although i have no idea what to do with it since yellow and i dont get along.

I managed to finish Stacy’s birthday presents in time for cake this evening, a calorimetry (pattern from knitty) out of hand spun hand carded hand dyed (yup thats right I have achieved nirvana) romney with angelina glitz, and a panta (craftster pattern) out of hand dyed hand spun farm wool.

Now I’ve come to understand that carding has magical effects for releiveing the tensions of reading and paper writing. So I’ve been kind of going to town and playing around with the stuff I have around the house. These batts are destined for others though there’s just too much yellow for me to want to work with it at the moment.

Now back to the socks of socktober.

Contemplating dying some themed fibre, I mean how much fun would that be.I’m getting a little sick of carding blue, just sayin.


knitting, the masters student sanity interlude.


With two papers due in a short amount of time as well as a book to read for a seminar discussion my life has taken on the sheen of surreal. I try to work hard and get everything done, but life has a way of getting in the way no matter what.

It is enevitable that when I have papers due I immidiately need to do a million and one other things, or have these wicked cool ideas but am unable to do anything about them. Generally this is what occurs when academia makes demands on me. And these papers aren’t the kind I like writing, they are the kind that are mandatory but bring nothing to the table in terms of what I’m doing with my masters. Really, they are, for all intents and purposes, excersises in futility.

I’ve been working on my smocked cable coat while writing papers (its good to take a one row break when the mind gets all messy) when beatle isn’t passed out on it like she owns the damn thing. Beatle is my cat born in 1998, she is also my favorite (I know its wrong to say but whatever). She’s currently getting away with anything since my friend over at Ravens March (which is a wordpress blog for anyone interested – specializing in fountain pen goodness) has been having some very sad cat times, all revolving around cats born in 1998. It has made me snuggle with my brood a little more than usual and Beatle of course is reaping the benifits by being allowed to sleep on the works in progress.

Frankie is also enjoying the spoils of not being shunted off the yarn, although when it comes to Frank the yarn is well protected by plastic. Actually the yellow and brown stuff behind her is currently on the wheel and being spun up. Either way Frankie is enjoying her perch as the queen of bagged yarn on the chair.

And just for the record, I’m done the first pattern repeat of the second sock on the reptile socks for school. Since there was far too much reading and papers this week I haven’t gotten as far as I would have liked, but at least some of it got done, it’s soo pretty and perfect, I do love the Wollmeise, and the pattern is really good, I recommend it to anyone wanting to do beaded socks.

Until next time.