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Here is a lot of what has been going on in my house, it’s the bag of knitting  for christmas awaiting being blocked. I have about seven more things to get done for christmas then I can offically say its done. Or rather I’ve finished the knitting for it.

TO decompress I went and started carding some of the bumps mom got at river city yarns. I plan to spin it rather fine and do a two ply when I get more time to myself.

Alisha and I dyed some fiber this weekend, here is some alpaca getting colorfied, I think I’ll blend it with the chocolate corridale I have, should be entertainning.

In leau of everything I’m knitting myself leg warmers.


This has been your drive by blogging experiance.

WINNERS (and ephemera)


First and for-most, a hearty congratufringinglations to:

Marilyn Maguire

Who has won the Wollmeise and Intentions yarn.

Jamil Sawaya

To whom the Misti Alpaca will find its way.

Ryan Gerstmar

Who will be getting the lovely handcrafted needle case and the Rowan 4-ply.

A Big thanks to all who donated to a most magnificent cause. It does my little heart good to see people doing good by other people. Gives me hope in this crazy world. From my end the first two winners packages will be going out at some point this coming weekend. I will try to get them out before then, but hey if I showed you my course load y’all would puke. Just sayin.

In my own knitting news I have compleated 1 of the three sweaters I’m knitting for the niecelings.

It doesn’t look like much, sorry picture taking is low priority right now. Semesters end crunch is well underway and trying to kill me. I just need to weave in ends and get the zipper in. It’s the Little Cable Hoodie by Chrissy Gardiner (available at rav, as well as ). I’m doing it out of acrylic, and while many may balk at that these are small kids (5,4,3) and they are messy as all small ones are and I’m not going to subject my sister-in-law to a long clean up process. This is Bernat’s Mosaic, which I thought would have a wool content given the way it feels (soft and wooly) but no, 100% acrylic, and machine wash and dryable which I figure is important until they get a little older.

And after I got home from a day that started at 6:20 this morning (and I am sooo not a morning person), a long day by any stretch of the imagination, I curled up to watch the new episode of the KnitGirllls ( and get some more Christmas knitting done. This shot is actually kinda vague on purpose, while I’m almost positive most of my recipients either a)currently don’t have time to read my knitblog or b)don’t care about my knitblog, they do occasionally surprise me and read it.  So mystery present is underway, and yes it does feel good to be knocking out Christmas presents.

And of course today came the tags from kNotes for kNitters that shall be on most of the Christmas gifts this year. They’re super cheap and high quality and have adorable pictures and really I can’t stress how great they are for knitters. Check them out at . If you’re in the market for reasonably priced tags for handknit items they really are a gem of a shop. I got 5 packets of different themes in both Hand Knit for you and Hand Spun for you. The back of each tag has spots for the pertinent information. And really they’re just adorable. Plus a nod to the Fountain Pen users of the world, the paper is perfect for FP’s. Stylish, economical, and handmade. All things I think are important to keep in mind at this time of year.

Well that’s my little update. I should go off and get some academia done now. Basically until the 7th when two of my major papers are due I imagine I will be sporadic at best, but you can guarantee that I’ll be knitting…. wherever I am.



Today I got a package in the mail (part of the Fallmageddon Swap on the Knitgirllls boards), and perhaps in spite of the snowy blizzard outside it cheered me up something fierce.

(That’s right I put post it notes over the addresses, it’s all hi tech over here)

A big box o’ fibre-y goodness.

Lorna’s Laces fibre to spin. I’ve never spun this stuff before, its gorgeous and vibrant. The rich teal blue and the rusty greens so suit what I wish it looked like outside rather than what it currently looks like.

Kauni Effektgarn. I have never had the joy of knitting with, but now will 😀  In deep purples and then dusky pink. Gorgeous.

Yummy candies that shant last long, and a cute pumpkin bath fizzy, which probably won’t last the night LOL. Oh who am i kidding the candy probably won’t last the night.

And yet another friendly reminder to go to the prizes entry and donate to win some wollmeise. The deadline is fast approaching, so get your booty on the bus.

Delusions of Grandeaur (and a book report due in the morning)


I finished spinning the alpaca and set the twist.

Then quickly set to work knitting up a shawl for Jude. It’s Lala’s Demeter Shawl available free on Rav (I’m having all kinds of issues with Links at the moment so go search).

I’m almost at the edging. I am loving the way it’s knitting up so far.

On the needles for me,

Twisted Ankles by Leethal. My god I love this woman. Seriously, I may make ten pairs, they’re easy and just odd enough that they suit me perfectly.

With christmas coming it seems I’m knitting a million things at once (and sometimes I am). But it’s all a good thing right? In the end it saves me money keeps me busy and keeps my stress levels lower, and let me tell you, they’re up there right now as the semester is coming to a close.

I got the sweetest package the other day from MechanicalDoll:

Frankie was very interested in what was in the box.

Some magical alpaca rovings. I’m contemplating spinning with some silk hankies… haven’t decided yet.

It was a much welcomed bit of joy.Many big thanks to the lovely Julie.

Lately I’ve been feeling… boring (for lack of a better word). Lacking the creative fervor that I often have. I feel like I’m doing all this knitting perfunctory sometimes. Like I’m dressing out of Schlub 101. It’s grating on me. I used to be able to throw together an outlandish outfit in minutes, now it’s all black pants and dark hoodies. This has got to change. I don’t like feeling gray, and really that is how I feel about most things to do with creation in my life. Maybe it’s the papers and the reading constantly, it doesn’t really allow me much in the way of time to do anything non-school related, let alone daydream up a pattern.

Hopefully that comes back after the next rounds of papers. I don’t think I can handle much more blah.


And a reminder, we’re closeing in on one week left to donate for the Wollmeise draw. Remember it’s for wonderful people and a wonderful cause. Maybe it’s closer to my heart because I have a similar problem as a result of brain tumors, maybe it’s cause these are just awesome people who I know will make amazing parents, maybe there are a million and one reasons. I recommend finding your own and donating something as small as $5 dollars, who knows maybe karma will have you win some spiffy stuff.

drive by blogging


So I found this lamp at a thrift store, and the axle on the wheel was broken, but my bro got around to fixing it and now volia, spinning wheel lamp.

I finished the first of two socks from my second soctoberfest pair, the second on is at the gusset now. I had to stop knitting on those though because I was reminded of a friend’s birthday coming up. She doesn’t read the blog so I can show you the hand dyed hand spun mitts.

Blocking on top of my clapotis which I had to wash. I will try and get pictures of her wearing them 🙂

Also, it just came in, my batty BadAmy bag

Isn’t it adorable. *squee*


P.S. remember if you haven’t yet, go donate to the IVF Fund (see the prizes entry) for your chance to win pretty things.