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Rambly bits with unrelated cat picture


Some days I just don’t feel like getting up. Some days I think I am not where I belong. I’m not exactly sure I’m cut out for this masters business. After getting shit on last semester I was trepidatious at best walking into this semester, and then to hear that I should work for the government and shouldn’t go on to a Ph. D (also known as not being a prof) and just the inherent backstabbing and hoity toity of the ivory tower, I am reticent to wholeheartedly throw myself in.

That means that I’ve been knitting, or rather starting a lot of projects and trying to think about where to go and what to do.

Trista’s Birthday Yoga Socks are halfway done, a little more than that as I knitted on them while catching up on knit vid podcasts (Round the Twist with Carin and Knitting Knirvana) if I stick true to them I should have them completed before February, so I feel pretty good on that front. Then I’ll be b-line-ing to get the February baby sweater done for Kathy who is due to pop any minute. The legwarmers for Josie just need to be seamed and blocked, that will probably occur this weekend as well as her B-Day is the 4th of Feb.

Also while trying to type and talk on the phone Peatrie wanted to get some love, she’s been really into the love lately. I love my Pea, she’s a most happy and magical cat, and I’m soo glad she’s down to pricking every two to three days. She’s also enjoying the lack of poking, as long as she stays healthy all will be well in my world.

On the needles currently: Shalder (almost done the body will probably be able to set aside the body and start on the sleeves this weekend), Trista’s Lemon Squeeze Yoga Socks (pattern available at rav etc.), Entomology which I started last night (not even done to row 20 so this may take a while, I might give it to mom when it’s done, not 100% sure yet), L’Amour et la Morte by Spilly Jane (Started ribbing on second sock, haven’t gotten farther than that yet), Winter Bouquet Socks by WendyKnits (First gusseted toe up socks, I just started the leg of the first sock, it’ll see more work when I’m done obligation knitting), and Sade Hat by Lurillisi which I am test knitting, got the first repeat of Chart A done, it’s my computer knitting for when I’m catching up on shows.

I have severe inability to focus on one thing and the ability to start a million things at once right now, so here’s to hoping I get the obligation knitting done in time and I get this whole life crisis dealt with.

As Slater says in Dazed and Confused “Check ya Later”

Carding Mayhem


So today I managed to wash the last of my corridale fleece

This is the beautiful stuff. Natural chocolate brown with some lightened tips and streaks of grey white running through.

It is going to be carded with the beauty that is this:

and this:

Lovely dyed alpaca in a range of shades.

It will most likely end up looking like this:

Or a similar variety. I can’t wait to see how they turn out, browns with little hints of jewel tones, or maybe a black brown combo… I don’t know, what I do know is I want to card like a mad fiend but may end up spinning a little first. Oh spinning. Sounds like a plan.


ADD Knitting


Okay, it was actually nice out today, which means I lost some knit time to going outside and shoveling, and the subsequent arm pain. So it goes. I did make it almost to the back alley, which gives me great joy. If tomorrows weather holds I may very well be able to complete my tunnel.

Last night I was itching to make something small and quick and easy, and well that’s asking a lot. But even still Leethal’s patterns came through

Thusly with a little leftover sock yarn, a Buttony Chevron Cuff was born. I may start compulsively knitting these in my spare time, great quick stash busters, and I figure they’d be good all purpose birthday gifts if I end up knitting too many. I’m a thinker like that.

(Please ignore my dirty screen) I am almost done sock one of L’Amour et la Morte by SpillyJane. I started the toe while watching the knitgirllls (as you can see in the background).

I was worried that the colorwork might be too tight across my calves, but going up a size seems to have been enough, they fit snuggly on my man feet. If I accidentally end up shrinking them (lets face it it happens sometimes), then my mom gets them. Which is why I don’t mind too much when I shrink socks, mom loves getting them.

In other news test knitting… itΒ  going on. Fleece washing, also going on. I managed to get a lot of housework done today as well as getting up my (new to me) curtains which are very hippy, like a splash of happy if you will.

And now I think it’s time for a well deserved hot bath and some sleep πŸ™‚ later all.

New Couch! (cover)


I was going to sew new couch cushions etc out of some old curtains I got from my brother, but yesterday when out at the clearance store mom and I stumbled across this couch cover. It was only $22 and hey look no more beige!

Beatle and Frankie approve of the new couch cover, and it approves of them by not attracting cat fur like a magnet. Yay!

The couch cover was immidiatly christened by the cats who groomed themselves on it for a good hour.

In knitting news…

Not much to report actually, little knitting was actually done last night, got some cleaning done which was nice. Meeting’s today, and babysitting my nieces tonight. I imagine I’ll finish my cleaning on sunday, but that could just be wishful thinking, I’m not sure yet.

One thing I do know is now that my couch looks spiffy, and my faucet is fixed (had to get a super small allen wrench for that) I’m starting to feel better. Or so I tell myself.

Lemon Squeeze Yoga Socks


Okay so before Christmas my SIL said she wanted more yoga socks, I started knitting them, I realized I was doing basically the same thing I had done before, and got asked by several friends if I would knit them pairs (one for her birthday). Subsiquently I figured hey, why not whip up the pattern? So I did. I appologise if it’s a little rough around the edges, I’m on my third pair knit from the pattern so I know they knit up okay.

Without further adeau

The link:

And for Ravelry:

From what I hear they work marvelously for all those days where the floor at the yoga studio is just a little too cold.

Hope everyone enjoys πŸ˜€

The Clap!


That’s right, I finished the Clapotis. (out of Woobu) and its amazing. This is my third Clapotis, and really I think it’s my favorite, it’s so big and soft and lush.

The tanzanite in Woobu is a little lighter than it is in the STR base but in spots it hits the darkness of the STR, I really like the depth and tonality in the yarn.

Big, warm, ❀

In other news I’m going to start test knitting a pattern for the lovely Luliriisi ( as soon as I pick the yarn out and get the pattern printed off, I’m looking forward to it. Should help me get outside my head. It’s soo crowded in my head lately.

On the needles, Trista’s birthday present, the Winter bouquet socks, colorwork fingerless gloves, they may end up in the frog pond to be reknit, my gauge earlier this week was horrifyingly tight. And the Shalder cardigan which sloggs on slowly, lots of stockinette right now.

I’m sorry to be so boring everyone but the long and short of it is I’m just worn right out.


WIPs and Spiders.


This is Shelob, she was recently put up (takes me forever some times) above the doorway into my room. Now mostly I hate spiders, real ones anyway, they are one of the few things that still makes me shriek like a girl (seriously), but I love the garish halloween ones and adore their webs. Shelob here was a giftie from my auntie Donna, who often gets dishclothes and the occasional pair of socks. I’m rather fond of knitting for her as she is one of the people that genuinely appreciates the knit. People who get knitting are few and far between, even fewer when you know she’s not a knitter. I also got a christmas giftie from her and my uncle that I really appreciate. It made me smile.

Today I banged out a couple modified Panta’s for my SIL, not the one I usually knit for but the other one, she wanted them for her cousin. It took maybe two episodes of Castle to get them done, and now their blocked and drying away. Good use of scrap sock yarn, I just doubled it.

The clapotis I started at the beginning of this year plods on, I would ideally like to be done in January… whether or not that happens only time will tell. I love knitting the Woobu, it’s great fun, and as soon as I hit the drop rows I’m almost positive I’ll be rejuvinated and start really going to town on it. Right now I’m almost done the set up rows, I’m hoping to hit the dropping section tomorrow, fingers crossed.

Shaldar from the Shetland trader has been started. This yarn has tried to be many things, I’m hoping that this pattern is the one it likes in the end. I love the color and really need to finish an actual sweater. I’ve been banging out socks and shawls and childrens sweaters like crazy for christmas but now I want to make something for me dispite the slew of February babies.

Okay so this post is a little WIP heavy but it does happen and so it goes. I would love to have something finished for me that can become a constant piece, something I wear often and adore to bits, I’m hoping the Clap and the Shaldar become those.