Let the Dominoes Fall


The flu I’ve been fighting apparently decided it’s time to switch gears to a sinus infection complete with inability to lay down and an excessively high fever, yay (sarcasm). Tomorrow will be trudging over to the doctors and getting something to help me fight this off. I’m hoping it isn’t foreshadowing for the new year.

Speaking of new years I started the Year of Stash socks on Rav or rather I joined the group and cast on a pair. This is the simple sock in vesper yarn colorway “Tainted Love” which suits my mood.  The grey stripe is where I will be putting in the afterthought heel. This is my first time with Vesper and I’m loving it. I see what the rage is about now.

This skein has been lurking around wanting to be knit, I think it’s going to become a pair of Leethal’s twisted ankles. I checked the yardage and I can even make the tall ones out of it, and I think it’ll be crazy enough that it works out well.


This has been your driveby blogging, now more sinus meds and back to the couch with me.



About sadieruin

Sadie is an intrepid fibre-file who can be found knitting, spinning, dying, or designing knit patterns when she's not at work. Her sock pattern "Mermaid's Lagoon" can be found in the Summer '09 issue of Knitty.com. Be sure to keep up with her knitting, spinning, dyeing (and occasionally weaving) exploits here.

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