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Yarnivore Ep 3


The Set List (oh see how I tie that musical theme in, look at me go)

First off BIG LOVE to all the fellow podcasters whom I love and adore for mentioning me, everyone should check them out I have a list going on the right hand side of the blog, go give them a watch cause they put the awesome in the awesomesauce.
Second, thanks for all the great comments on who you all would knit for, I got some giggles I hope everyone else did.

There is only one FO this week and that my dears is:
L’Amoure et la Morte

On the needles:
Sade Mittens by the lovely Luliriisi who has sent me a voice file of how to say her name so I no longer butcher the crap out of it ๐Ÿ˜‰
Larix Shawl by A. Wiedmayer. This shawl will suck your soul and make you obsessed with it, you have been forwarned.
Caf*Pow socks, I’m using the YarnHarlot’s Sock Recipe to make them, it’s my go to standard pattern.

Future Knits:
Betiko by Leethal.Big love for all things Leethal, check out her patterns and her crafting tutorials, she is a genius I’m almost positive.

Musical Interlude:
Tom Holliston. Give him a listen, check out his songs, the song referenced today “Fussin with the Tussin” can be purchased at iTunes for .99 cents, well worth it in my opinion.
Also the punk band he’s in, Nomeansno has been a Canadian punk institution for a long time. Feel free to check them out, they’re good intelligent fun.

Misc stuff:
Of course Bad Amy her yarns get posted on the etsy occasionally and her bags are glorious, her shop should start beefing up after the March craft fair season is over for her.
Jpod is a book and a short lived Canadian mini-series by Douglas Coupland.
Harold and Maude possibly one of the best movies you’ve never seen. Interesting side note, Douglas Coupland often refers to himself as a Harold and has cited the movie as an influence at least once that I know of. So if you like one, you’ll probably like the other.
I forgot to mention Knittin on the Fly by name but I love the vid-cast and think everyone else should to!
kNotes for kNitters for all your fiber care card needs.

Last but not least, a Rav group is in the works, should be live before the next episode, I’ll keep everyone updated on that, hope the Blip is working well (switched from iTunes), and I’ll see ya soon.

Yarnivore Episode 2


Show notes:
Feb. Baby Sweater
Good Plain Sock
On the needles:
Larix I know I called it Shalder by accident much appologies.

Bags Bags Bags:
Bad Amy She is prepping for a big show her shop will be restocked sometime in march, keep and eye, it’s totally worth it!

Jadee is the magnificent host of Twisted Strands.

And for the singles of the world:
“The sun’s gone dim, and
The moon’s turned black;
For I loved him, and
He didn’t love back.”
– Dorothy Parker



Rather than post a big long post, here’s a video.

Please feel free to comment and tell me what you think.

A bastardization attempt at show notes:

The hat is Sade
The clap is Here (a rav link for everyone)

On the needles:
L’Amour et la Morte

The bag is from:
Bad Amy Knits
The Stitchmarkers are:
BeaGin Designs

I think that’s everything. Rav name: BlueRuin, Plurk name: Weshootstars, of course you’re here at the blog, and I think that’s everything…

Obligation knitting finished (for the time being)


That’s right. Dispite the current funk I seem to be in,a solid night of Tim Burton movies and the Alice Cooper Muppet Show episodeย  seemed to be what I needed to crack it. While watching all of these things I managed to finish this:

The February Baby Sweater, by EZ, and done before the baby is born, so I salute myself on that one. The color really isn’t that retina burning it just hated being photographed (Bebop on the other hand was all about the camera).

I also allowed myself to start a new shawl, one for me and only me, out of yarn I had hidden away (50 merino/50 silk). Really a yarn that I hide away for such moments, we all have some, you know that coveted skien of something or other lodged behind the cheap sock yarn, and the stash of sweater quantity wool, yeah that’s what this yarn is. Unique Sheep Eos in colorway Dragon Breath I think…

There are four cakes of gradient laceweight, I am clearly on the first one. Pattern: Laryx, gifted to me by the lovely PaletPC <3. I just finished Chart A, now this sounds like an accomplishment and in it’s own way it is but Chart B, well you do that fourteen times, so I’ll probably be on Chart B for a long time. The gorgeous stitch markers featured here are BeaGin Designs ( They are truely marvelous little darlings, I totally recommend giving her a look see.

And of course Peatrie wanted you to know that this is her re-useable bag.



Okay so I blocked the Sade hat that I test knit for Luliriisi (I may never get the hang of spelling that, but she knows I loves her).

And I think it turned out really well.

I have a big head, this is actually a slouchy beret style, I didn’t add any repeats because I wanted it to be basically this size, roomy but warm.

And now y’all can go over to Julia’s blog and buy the pattern ( It’s also available on Ravelry. I’m a fan, I can’t wait to get into the matching mittens, I’m doing them in mostly black with orange highlights at the ribbing me thinks.

I’m also experimenting with curling my hair, so far it seems like a good thing. Lets see how long I can do it for.

On the needles: L’Amour et la Morte, I just finished the second sock’s color work top and am moving into the cables. Winter Bouquet Socks, still on the leg of the first one. Shalder for me!, I just set the body aside and cast on the sleeve. Feb. Baby Jacket, almost at the seperating the arms from the body portion. Also I think there will be a basic pair of socks going on the needles for my auntie. Slow going knit wise around here, but I’m enjoying it all.

I also washed the Kauni… I have a shawl idea floating in my head, and once the baby jacket is off the needles I’m sure it will start coming to fruition… stay tuned for an open call to test knitters ๐Ÿ˜‰

FO’s fall downs, and mom don’t read this post ;)


Here’s the unblocked testknit for Lurlillisi, I’m not sure if she wants me to post better shots yet or not, and well it’s unblocked, but I’m chuffed since they’re predicting -40 something with the windchill tomorrow. Heavy layers will be the name of the game. It was a super quick knit and as soon as it becomes available I’ll link the crap out of it ๐Ÿ˜‰

In other knitterly news:

Josie’s Birthday gift, legwarmers, in pink, are done, and awaiting seaming. Then I shall be prepared for Saturday which will be a kids bowling party, I’m not exactly sure why I’m going or what exactly the single aunt with no offspring will bring to the festivities, but I do what I can.

And amidst the clutter of one of my fabric holding cabinets, the finished Yoga socks for Trista complete with care card and extra emergency yarn. For this pair I used STR Sock Candy in Robins Egg, and it took just a little over 1 oz. These of course are my own free pattern, feel free to yank it and knit it as many times as you please.

And now….

Mom, stop reading, I know you snoop here, but the rest of this entry is mom protected. Seriously don’t scroll further.

Alisha and I went on a re-con mission Friday after I dealt with some school stuff, and I splurged on some SOAK (a small bottle that is) in the Aquae smell, I haven’t used this smell before but totally enjoyed citrus so I know I won’t be displeased.

While we were at Hip 2 Knit (if you’re ever in regina stop by and say hi to Bill and Allison, they’re great people), I was on a mission to get some SeaWool for a new pair of Bordeaux socks for my mom. Which I want to have done for mothers day, which is in may so I got loads of time.

See I made her a pair of them years ago, almost eon’s it seems, back when I first started knitting socks. And mom being a knitter she took good care of them, and wore them to death. No seriously, DEATH, big gapeing hole in the toe death. Given how much she wore them it really is hard to believe they lasted that long.

So I set aside my yarn budget, and because it’s for a very specific project and a very specific gift, I wasn’t breaking my buying ban. I picked up this.

The skein on the left is the cake of Fleece Artist SeaWool, which will become socks probably rather fast as they’re knit on a funny gauge and take no time at all to bam out.

But of course the socks have to wait, Kathy (a friend of mine) is due to pop in February and I would be remiss if I didn’t finish this Feb. Baby Sweater for her future offspring. But baby knits are quick… sure that’s what I’m telling myself ๐Ÿ˜‰