Yarnivore Episode 2


Show notes:
Feb. Baby Sweater
Good Plain Sock
On the needles:
Larix I know I called it Shalder by accident much appologies.

Bags Bags Bags:
Bad Amy She is prepping for a big show her shop will be restocked sometime in march, keep and eye, it’s totally worth it!

Jadee is the magnificent host of Twisted Strands.

And for the singles of the world:
“The sun’s gone dim, and
The moon’s turned black;
For I loved him, and
He didn’t love back.”
– Dorothy Parker


About sadieruin

Sadie is an intrepid fibre-file who can be found knitting, spinning, dying, or designing knit patterns when she's not at work. Her sock pattern "Mermaid's Lagoon" can be found in the Summer '09 issue of Knitty.com. Be sure to keep up with her knitting, spinning, dyeing (and occasionally weaving) exploits here.

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  1. Okay it took me a minute but I got two. Hele Mirren, I would love to knit her an estonian lace shawl. Viggo Mortensen, I would like to knit him a short little man scarf out of Wollmeise.

  2. I think I have a knitterly crush on you girl! lol!
    I’ll have to remember you live in ReGINA.
    I’d totally knit some cablely socks for Ewan McGregor or Liam Neesen. I totally spelled his name wrong. Also, Alan Rickman needs a slytherin scarf.

  3. First off, you are full of the awesome.

    Second, I would knit until my fingers bled for Andrew-Lee Potts (Connor Temple from Primeval) or Chris O’Dowd (Roy from The IT Crowd).

    My geek is showing…

  4. i liked your caveat “anything Legal” 🙂 oh and the town that rhymes with fun? hilarious:)
    i would love to knit something for Ani DiFranco, like a pair of socks or a slouchy hat. or a pair fingerless mitts for Greg Kinnear…cause the yarnharlot kinneared him:)

    • And I bet Ani would love hand knits, I can see her rocking a Starving Artist hat something fierce.
      Gotta have the legal caveat as much as I love knitting and my knit posse, I don’t want to end up in jail lol.

  5. I would love to knit hats, socks and scarves for Johnny Depp and Dave Navarro; and lots of fingerless mitts for Andrew Lee Potts (Primeval; and Hatter in Syfy’s Alice)

  6. Yes, create a group!

    So, my dad called me on Valentine’s Day (it’s known as Friendship Day in Finland) and asked what O & I had been up to. Told him we’d taken the day off work. He said that that’s wonderful, exactly how Valentine’s Day should be spent. What did we do? I did laundry, O played on the 360. XD
    I told my dad that we don’t need someone else to tell us when to say that we care about each other. It’s Valentine’s Day here all year round.

    Also, I so would’ve said Regina the American way until you told me otherwise! Oops.

    • Ask and yee shall receive. I’ll go look into getting a group up and started today.
      That’s my theory on Valentine’s day, I’d much rather just enjoy the person everyday without needing to be told, I’m cantankerous that way.
      I was once asked when traveling if Regina was in Virginia, that has got to be the best comment I’ve ever gotten about it.

      P.S. in the next episode I completely butcher your name, feel free to mock me severely 😉

  7. Loved the episode. You are great at this! Any woman who can knit AND quote Dorothy Parker is my kind of people…..Looking forward to future episodes. Plus I am the one American who knows how to pronounce Regina. (maybe because my father was Canadian?)

  8. Ah yes, I knew how it was pronounced but I will admit it’s only because I live in Canada now. lol
    Great Vlog, podcast, whatever they are calling them these days. I’m a youtuber from back in the day and we call them vlogs and I can’t seem to call them podcasts. LOL

  9. You’ve got my number girl, I’d knit (or do) anything for Mr Tennant 🙂 RRRrrrrrrooowrrrr! Awesome episode your hair looks Gawwwwgeous!

  10. I would knit for Nathan Fillion. But not a Jayne hat or Wash sweater, of course. Something uniquely for him!!

  11. Hi Sadie, I was just introduced to your podcast and was watching today and found out you have a diabetic kitty. I too have a diabetic kitty, at least she was diabetic, but we have been able to control it with diet. How long has your kitty been diabetic?

    Looking forward to watching more of your podcasts.


    • Peatrie, my diabetic kitty was diagnosed in November of last year, twas a very scary and hectic time. It was really bad at first, and she needed insulin twice a day up, and went into a coma at least once that I know of, until mid-January. Now it seems to be diet controlled, the vet recommended an experimental insulin that has reversed diabetes in cats in some cases. It didn’t completely rid her of it but she no longer needs regular injections, and we’re down to weekly blood glucose testing and a 24 hour once a month. She definatly misses eating spare chips (her fav. thing to do), and of course we’ve had a close call with some antibiotics, but she’s pretty much back to her cantankerous self.
      I’m glad you’re enjoying the podcast, give your diabetic kitty some scritches from me 😉

  12. Thanks so much for mentioning me in your podcast. Your podcast is so much fun. I love that you can talk along without saying 900 “um’s”. Very talented! And, I’m enjoying seeing all your projects. Hope to see you in the shop again sometime. Lois

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