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Episode 8 – The chatty one

Of course there’s yarn, knitting, enabling, and musical interludes.

Set List:
Brunello out of Lorna’s Laces Green Line DK in colorway Black Purl, pattern appears in Knitty, and is by Amy Swenson a.k.a. Indigirl.
Rainbow Fright Crossed Cowl. Pattern by Meliabella from the His and Hers Podcast (in the sidebar to your right). The pattern is available as a free Rav. download, and the yarn was my own handspun from Shades of Narnia.

On the needles:
Wahclella Falls sock number two, by Machelle Dotson. Knit out of Bad Amy’s Kapoho Stripe.
Betiko 2.5 pattern by Leethal. Also there is a KAL for the Betiko going on at the Yarnivorous Ravelry Group, come join the fun you know you want to. My version appearing here is out of handspun, aptly called Strawberry Mint, drumcarded by yours truly.
Slip Jig pattern by Irishgirlieknits. Knit out of Med. weight STR colorway: My wild irish girlie. These are being knit waaaay in advance for my sister in laws birthday (in October, how much do I rock).

All podcasts mentioned can be found on the right hand side of the blog (you may have to scroll). My apologies to Eric of Sweaters for Dragons, I didn’t mean to mess up and say Knitting Dragon. Either way, go watch him he’s fabulous!
Knittings My Bag is the shop where my most marvelous project bag came from, be sure you go watch Mommy Needs yarn for the discount code.
Cast your vote for T-shirt brands over on the Yarnivorous T-shirt thread.
And of course for anyone who was wondering The Big Lebowski is a movie by the Coen brothers. The dude abides, and so do I.

Musical Interlude (a.k.a. music to knit and spin by):
Coheed and Cambria also known as Co&Ca

Everything Evil – Off the album : The Second Stage Turbine Blade

The Camper Velorium II: Backend of Forever off the album: In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth:3

Wake Up – Off the Album: Good Apollo I’m Burning Star IV Vol 1.

The End Complete IV:The Road of the Damed – Off the album: No World For Tomorrow

Here We Are Juggernaut – Off the Album: The Year of the Black Rainbow


Episode 7 – Issues


Set List:
Mom’s Secret Present

Brunello By Amy Swenson in Lorna’s Laces Green Line DK in Black Purl.
Betiko Which I’m thinking about Frogging, to start a different colored one, tell me what you think.
Wahclella Falls in Bad Amy Stripy Sock

Strawberry Mint 319 yards of Romney,Alpaca, and Sari Silk

Everything else:
Betiko KAL on the Yarnivorous Board at Rav Come and join us knitting the gorgeous Betiko 😀
Last call for T-shirt’s come and tell me if you want one.

Podcasts mentioned:
Suzee knits (in the sidebar)
Addicted to Yarn (in the sidebar)

Musical Interlude (aka music to knit and spin by):

Music at Work off the Music@Work Album

Courage off the Fully Completely Album

Live version of Grace, too off the Day for Night album

Nautical Disaster off the Day for Night Album (my personal favorite).

Happy listening.

Episode 6 – scatterbrained

I talk more about knitting, not spinning, and music.

Set List:

Caf*Pow Socks.

On the Needles:
Sade Mittens out of Cascade 220.
Betiko I’m on my second one. Vanna’s Choice.
Brunello Cardigan I’m doing this in Lornas Laces Green Line DK, Colorway Black Purl.
Mom’s secret Knitting.

Lots of carding done. All my own blend 🙂

Nancy’s Knit Knacks Scroll to the bottom for the circ ID Tags 😉

The The Yarnivorous Rav Group. Stop by, tell me what to do with my Malabrigo Lace, say if you want an awesome T-shirt, come and hang out. Show me your pets, your knits, your obsessions.

Musical Interlude:
Who Killed Amanda Palmer

Astronaut off WKAP

Runs in the Family off WKAP, this song, is one of my all time stuck on an island songs.
Goes Down Under

In my Mind Off Goes down Under. Me in four minutes and nineteen seconds. Seriously.

Map of Tasmania off Goes Down Under… may not be kid friendly depending on your views. Gaga Ain’t got SHIT on AFP.

Episode 5 – Sweater Take over

More knitting, spinning, and music.

Set List:

FO’s of the week:
Shalder by Gudrun Johnston

On the Needles:
I’m on my second Betiko designed by the lovely Leethal
Sade Mittens by the lovely Luliriisi
Caf-Pow socks, still using the Yarn Harlot’s Recipe
Brunello by the lovely Amy Swenson. She has a lot of great info at her site, Indigirl and there’s actually a how-to on the tucks for Brunello. 😀

Lorna’s Laces Colorway Huron

Future Knits:
Wahclella Falls out of some Bad Amy sock yarn 😉

Podcasts I mentioned this round:
Dramatic Knits

Music to knit by:
Skinny Puppy
Skinny Wiki

Warlock off the Rabies Album

Killing Game from the Last Rites album.

Episode Four I suck with names

I talk about more yarn, knitting, spinning, and music.

The Set List:

Larix. A most magical shawl. Big love to the designer on that.
My First Betiko. Get used to seeing this one, I’m hooked, it’s the new Clapotis, I swear. No Seriously.

On The Needles:
Caf-Pow Socks using The Harlots Plain Sock Recipe. I recommend the book and the recipe, not only because The Yarn Harlot is Canadian, but she’s also awesome!
Shalder by Gudrun Johnson
Sade Mittens by Luliriisis. Here’s to hoping I said her name right. And her voice is so cute, seriously I want to keep her like a little pet.

Spinning Related:
Shades of Narnia. Sorry no website to speak of, there’s a Facebook group…. do a search it’s well worth it.

SubRosa Designsis where the sheep earrings came from. Doesn’t look like there are any on her site, email her there were a bunch at the Agribition I was at.
Sunneshine where adorable stitch markers for your inner goth and general weirdling can be found.
Chuck Klosterman the best of music writing. If you haven’t read sex, drugs, and coco-puffs…. well you’re missing out.
Yarnivorous. Yes there is now a Ravelry group. Come and join. The banner is being made by the lovely LemonHalf ❤

Musical Interlude:
The Sadies
The best band you may never have heard of.
As promised…

AnnaLeigh, off the New Seasons Album.

Flash off the album Tremendous Efforts.