Episode 5 – Sweater Take over


[blip.tv ?posts_id=4873757&dest=87163]

More knitting, spinning, and music.

Set List:

FO’s of the week:
Shalder by Gudrun Johnston

On the Needles:
I’m on my second Betiko designed by the lovely Leethal
Sade Mittens by the lovely Luliriisi
Caf-Pow socks, still using the Yarn Harlot’s Recipe
Brunello by the lovely Amy Swenson. She has a lot of great info at her site, Indigirl and there’s actually a how-to on the tucks for Brunello. 😀

Lorna’s Laces Colorway Huron

Future Knits:
Wahclella Falls out of some Bad Amy sock yarn 😉

Podcasts I mentioned this round:
Dramatic Knits

Music to knit by:
Skinny Puppy
Skinny Wiki

Warlock off the Rabies Album

Killing Game from the Last Rites album.


About sadieruin

Sadie is an intrepid fibre-file who can be found knitting, spinning, dying, or designing knit patterns when she's not at work. Her sock pattern "Mermaid's Lagoon" can be found in the Summer '09 issue of Knitty.com. Be sure to keep up with her knitting, spinning, dyeing (and occasionally weaving) exploits here.

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  1. Hmmm patterns that leave out vital information are a pet peeve of mine. Pocket attachment seems pretty vital 8-(

    You are rocking the Bolivian hat girl, wear it well. I can’t keep up with your knitting though, before I have queued the last thing you showed you have cast on something new.

    I have not gotten my Bad Amy shipment – tear.

  2. Wow I must be tired, I did get my Bad Amy shipment. It has been moved to the stash room. Think I’ll call it night.

    I was trying to get to the thumb of this fingerless mitt – but it can way.

  3. 😀 I love everything you get done. Listening to skinny puppy as I type this. 😉 The bolivian hat…..the bomb. Gnomey pride baby!!

    • I am still enamored with the gnomey hat, it’s ridiculous and epic all at the same time.
      I’m still listening to Skinny Puppy, funny how stompy music tends to make me happy.

  4. OK, I am sure everyone in virtual knit chat will agree with me on this but we will have to get you drunk to see if you will go put on your new hat. That thing rocks!

    I always show the love and post a comment to let you know I was here. 🙂 Sometimes I may forget if I watch it on my iPod but I do try to remember to come back and comment and then for those who are on iTunes too I always give them 5 stars. 😀 They get 5 stars just for being knitters, yo. hehe

    Regina is the clap capital?!? Oh lawd that’s nasty!

  5. I’ve heard the name Skinny Puppy, but now I feel an aching need to go buy their stuff. And I haven’t even seen the videos yet. Who the hell doesn’t need good foot stomping music? Another great show. I’m always happy to make time for you!

  6. love the music recommendation, i actually have a few of their albums or, ya know cds…i bet they were albums first though:) Love the gnome hat. 40-50 stitches per inch?? that is MADNESS. good luck with the interview process 🙂 love the mittens 🙂 listening to spasmolytic at the moment and i think that zombies would grove to this if they had any brain activity:) we just finished the walking dead and i thought it was way awesome…so i have zombies on ze brainssssss

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