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Episode 12 Spring!


Set List:
Intro (Fo’s)
Sade Mittens
Mom’s Knitting
Spinning Crown Mountain Farms “Whole Lotta Love”
“Lady Gaga’s Underpants” batts
Verses (WIP’s)
Betiko 2.5 almost halfway done the edging!
Slip Jig’s, so close to being done.
Leyburn Socks
Chorus (Misc.)
Knitting Geisha, where gnome-y bags can be found.
Outtro (Music to knit and spin by)
The Weakerthans

Our Retired Explorer


One Great City!

Confessions of a Futon Revolutionist


Episode 11 – Show and tell


Set list:
Intro (Fo’s):
Cross stitch for my brother, who loved it yay! Yes it is strange that a hardcore deadhead is also a hardcore punk, we rock it that way in the family 😉
Age of Brass and Steam for the knitgirllls KAL/SAL. Loved every minute of it, love the pattern love the yarn. Lots of love here.
The Frankenskien. Spun from Alpaca, Silk Hankies, and Bamboo top.
Verses (WIP’s):
Slip Jigs out of STR Med. Weight in My Wild Irish Girlie. Knitting them for Stacy’s birthday in October, almost at the second heel. Pattern by Irishgirlieknits.
Leyburn Socks. For the YOSS April sock on Rav. Heavily modified according to Irishgirlieknits and Chelleknits mods on rav. Top down over 60 sts. Loving the colors. Out of STR Med. Weight in Chapman Springs.
Betiko 2.5. Here comes the edging! Come on over to the Betiko KAL on the Yarnivourous Rav Board. I’m using hand spun and throwing in some mods. Love!
I’m not linking the mom secret knitting…. less temptation 😉
Chorus (Misc.):
Decor Noir Where all the coolest stitch markers and bags of glee reside. Where the hell is Etsy’s love button?
Frankenstein, not so true to the book but a great watch!
Color in Spinning by Deb Menz Super cheap at Knitpicks…. 😉
PCU a rediculous movie that is fun to watch.
Outtro (musical interlude):
Dayglo Abortions
The show was great “The Cretin” (aka the singer/guitarist) who is 50 something now signed my copy of the bio, “Argh Fuck Kill” twas a magical moment.
Here today Guano tomorrow Embeds for this were disabled sadly. Go watch it anyway 😉


Proud to be Canadian

Punker Bitches


Episode 10 Double Digits Already?


Set List:
FO’s… well that depends, I finished a sock… I’m putting it in the WIP’s because the second one isn’t done yet.

WIP’s (On the Needles):
Slip Jig Socks. Made out of STR Med. Weight in “My wild irish Girlie” colorway, made for my SIL Stacy, her birthday is in October, aren’t I smart 😉
Leyburn Socks. I’m modding the crap out of these. Cuff down over 60 sts. For the Year of stash Socks. Made from STR Med. Weight in “Chapman Springs” colorway. Loving this so far.
Betiko 2.5 For the Rav. KAL on the Yarnivorous board. Almost to the edging. Love!
Age of Brass and Steam. Out of the Knitgirllls SAL/KAL fiber. I’m on the last Stockinette part before the end, excitement!!!
Mom’s secret knitting doesn’t get a link yet. 😉

WD40 is love.
Repo! The Genetic Opera. Haven’t seen it? Well your missing out. Paris Hilton’s face falls off, if nothing else that is a key reason to watch the movie. And Graverobber = yum.

Music to knit and spin by (a.k.a. Musical Interlude)
For all your weird German Darkwave EBM Gothy Needs.

Wreath of Barbs off of Wreath of Barbs My most favorite Wumpscut song. Bar none.


Bunkertor 7

Boneshaker Baybee

Episode 9 – New Camera


Set List:
Wahclella Falls
– Pattern by Machelle Dotson, yarn used: Bad Amy Stripey Socks in Kahpo Stripe
Non-knitting: Fuck hearts, from Subversive Cross Stitch

On the Needles:
Betiko Version 2.5
Pattern by Leethal, knit out of my handspun so far.
Slip Jig
Pattern by:Irishgirlieknits out of STR colorway: My wild Irish Girlie.
Leyburn Socks
Pattern:Mintyfresh, knit out of Chapman Springs Colorway STR Med. Weight.
Mods made: Cuff down over 60 sts.

I finished my SAL fiber for the knitgirllls spin a long!!! and now I wash and thwack!
I think I`ll be making The Age Of Brass and Steam Kerchief

Smink LOVE!
Wee Little Stitches

I accidentally said breakfast club when I meant Pretty in Pink, nice catch Suzee 😉

Also mentioned:
John Hughes 80`s movies, if you haven`t seen them you`re missing out.
T-shirts, where I may make an executive decision.

Musical Interlude (A.k.a. music to knit and spin by)
This week:
Larry and his Flask

Busking in the streets. LOVE

Just watch the bass player, if you don`t giggle, there is something wrong with you.

Rockin a house party.

Their three song ep is available on iTunes, well worth the $3. Just sayin 😉