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Episode 26 – They’re Here

Set List

Intro (FO’s)

Verses (WiPs)
Tree of Life, they’re getting started…
MableSocks 2.0 in the wake of bebop a new pair is on the needles
Clothilde yes another shawl whose name I may never pronounce correctly.

Solo (Spinning)
you don’t get to see it yet but man it’s rockin

Chorus (Misc)
Bags are Here!!.
Price Breakdowns:
WiP Bag = $7.00, Tote Bags= $5.00, T-Shirts = $9.00
add shipping as follows:
Just bags or just shirt = $7.00
All three =$10.00
Just bags or Just shirt =$5.00
All three = $7.00
International is a little different, once you pay for the items I’ll ship them and then tell you the actual shipping cost 😉 there are only a few internationals and I think it would have broken the post offices brain.
Eric – my desk goodies beat your desk goodies!
The Anemie KAL ends tonight! So remember to post your pictures, winner will be announced on the rav board sometime tomorrow 😉

Outtro (Musical Interlude)
Nick Cave
and the bad seeds of course.

with PJ Harvey singing Henry Lee

Bring It On

Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow

duet with Blixa singing Where the wild roses grow

The ship song

Do you love me?

Episode 25 – The “F” Word

Set List

Intro (FO’s)
I finished My Anemie for the KAL which ends at the end of the month, so get your butts in gear for the Wollemeise 😉 Mine is out of Wollemeise in Bluebell.
Verses (WiP’s)
More MableSocks after the carnage Bebop left behind. Out of STR Lightweight Color way Tidepool
tree of life socks. Not much to see just yet but the colorwas are Color 5631 in Cascade Heritage 150, and True Love Wollemeise (I swear it’s not a Wollemeise kick)
Solo (Spinning)
Spinning up the stuff for Witty Knittin first ply down second ply half way done, hoping to have it finished by the next show 😉
Chorus (Misc.)
OMG Theresia blew my mind this week.
Podcasters Challenge, I’m in baby.
Oh the bag saga, lets just not talk about it.
Bashful Butterflies is now available, go forth and conquer!
Outtro (Musical Interlude)
PJ Harvey

Who the Fuck?

Rid of Me

You Said Something

Good Fortune

To Bring You My Love

Episode 24 – Crusty Critter

Set List

Intro (Fo’s)
Batty Bat
Sheena is a Punk
Verses (WiP’s)
Anemie KAL which ends July 31 go get your butts in gear as of right now there’s only one person with the shawl done.
Soon going on the needles Tree of Life which was my mom and Alisha’s picking… perhaps I shouldnt let them pick anymore.
Chorus (Misc)
Got the fiber to spin for WittyKnittin which should be on the wheel soon, like real soon y’all.
The Fiber from Fibernymph came. The J.D. Salinger referance means I have to make The Holden Shawlette out of it.
Outtro (musical interlude)
Tweaker specifically the Album 2a.m. wake up call.

Truth Is (Feat. Robert Smith)

Pure Genius (Feat. David Sylvian)

Ruby (Feat: Will Oldham)

Sleepwalking Away (Feat: Nick Young)

Worse Than Yesterday (Feat: Mellowdrone)

Episode 23 – the Short one

Set List

Intro – FO’s
2 Ribband that I can’t show you as I gave them to mom for her birthday, she loved them.
Verses – WiPs
A Batty Bat Sock
Sheena is a punk socks, but seriously you don’t need another link do you, oh you do, okay here you go
Chorus – Misc
Tour de Fleece spinning plan, more Color Craze Fibers! seriously can not get enough of this stuff, it’s the new crack.
Stash Enhancement courtesy of Wandering Cat Yarns
Long story short still waiting on wip and tote bags, if you’d like your shirt in time for Sock Summit, PM me on Rav and it shall be yours asap.
TV on the Radio

Modern Romance (Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Cover)

Mr. Grieves (Pixies Cover)

Keep your Heart

Dancing Choose

Staring at the Sun

Young Liars.

Episode 22 – Now with Finished Objects

Set List:

Intro (Fo’s)
Ribband for Alisha
Bashful Butterflies Test Knit
and some spinning using Superwash Merino From Color Craze Fibers

Verses (WiP’s)
Anemie Kal Shawl which is still going strong, remember July 31st is the final day 😉
Sheena is a… punk socks out of Self Striping yarn from Fibernymph Dye Works.

Chorus (misc.)
Buttons a la Button Odyssey
Happy Wedding to NotableNeedle!
Thank god Addicted to yarn is back, I was missin ya something fierce m’lady
Totes, Bags and Shirts info will be up in the group around July 10th (printers misprinted some bags).

Outtro (musical interlude):
Kim Boekbinder, the Impossible Girl.

More and More


Rainbows and Unicorns.