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Episode 42 – Decoy (Happy Birthday Alisha!)


Set List:
Mom’s outfit
Looks pretty sweet on her.
All other FO’s and WiP’s can be found over on my rav page, and since their still suprises well…. you get the picture.
Big thanks to paletpc for her gracious gift-donations 🙂
Happy birthday to my hetro life mate!
Music: Christmas music that won’t make you puke:

Band aid – original 84 version – feed the world/do they know it’s christmas? Check out the 80’s hair and gear, and yes I will find a way to put Bob Geldof songs in everything.

The Pogues feat: Kristy McColl – Fairytale of New York. It’s just not christmas without the pogues.
Only the Pogues would have a christmas song with “you’re an old slut on junk” in it, kudos Shane, kudos.

The best decade of Bono, 48 seconds in I remember why bono used to be hot. Maybe it’s the Robert Smith esq gestures?

The cover of Oi! to the world, which is probably the one you know.

The original by the Vandals – the better version in my opinion.

the waitresses, I used to think it was the bangles – christmas wrapping. With lights!


Episode 41 – Begone Evil Plague!


Set List:
Intro (FO’s)
Electric Muppet Socks out of Bad amy sock yarn on 2.5mm
Verses (WiPs)
Moms Jacket out of Knitpicks, on size 5.5mm and 6.0mm
Plain stripy socks out of Vesper by knitterlythings. Colorway “Witchy Woman” on size 2.5mm
Tony the Toybox Monster out of Red Heart Supersaver in what I’m calling ClownBarf, on size 3.75mm needles.
Chorus (Misc)
The plague seems to be leaving.
People are awesome (no seriously check out the snuggles donations)
Outtro (Music)
Sigur Ros


Gobbledigook (live with Bjork)

Olsen Olsen

Njosnavelin (acoustic live paris)