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Episode 47 – Totally Random


As per usual if blip doesn’t embed here’s the link yo

Ninja Mitts
Snuggle #5
Remixed test knit “Freak Out” out of hand spun.
Shurtugal Socks
Cabled Monstrosity
A Vague mention of the tree of life socks
Color Craze Fibers
Soon to be on the needles
La La Love You Cowl
Mostly because of this song:

No More Tears Socks for autism.
Knitting’s My Bag is graciously donating a small bag to the Snuggles KAL! 😀
My one year podiversary is next week, who knew?

as bad as they seem creepy version, wasn’t creepy when I was a teenager.

as bad as they seem (updated version)
-side note, the whole chorus gets me every time. What is it about mid-night snacks? Same way with Friday I’m in love, eating in the middle of the night. Either way I really wanted to work in a grocery store as a teenager because of this man.

In september.

Trees Lounge


Episode 46 – Alls fair in yarn and war


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Snuggle #5
Cowl of Doom
It’s a HO yo Shurtugal Socks
Ninja Mitts
Snuggle #6
That cabled monstrosity
New snuggle donation, a hand dyed skein by Turtle Purl Check her out Here or Here
So many snuggles, makes me feel all warm and mushy
Thanks to all the podcasts supporting this effort, Stockinette Zombies, Knit one Heart Too, SassyPantsKnitter, His and Hers, etc. If I missed anyone poke me so I know!
-New years knitting plans, knit down the stash for SSK
Inspired by my baby cat Mrs. Frank (n’ Furter)

Sue Me

Luck Be A Lady

Pet me poppa

Episode 45 – Ramble On


If the show doesn’t embed click here to watch

Snuggle #4
Snuggle #5
Cowl of Doom in str lightweight colorway “Happy go lucky” on 4mm needles
Joker Socks in vesper colorway “Witchy Woman” on 1.5 mm needles
Cabled Monstrosity block “D1” knit out of Patons Canadiana Tweeds on 5.5 mm needles
Long ass work week
Snuggles! Have you noticed their everywhere, join along at the rav Board
Amiyesiam has added another prize to the snuggle pool, awesome!

Inspired by my middle cat, Beatle
The Beatles

Hello, Goodbye

Rooftop performance “Don’t let me down”

All you need is love


Sexy Sadie (really could I do the beatles and not post this song, nope)

Episode 44 – Snuggletopia


In the event that the episode doesn’t embed Here’s a link to it

– three snuggles
Soul Sucking Honey Cowl out of STR lightweight in Happy go Lucky 4.0mm needles
Shurtugal Socks out of Tosh Sock colorway Flashdance on 1.5mm needles.
The Cabled Monstrosity out of Patons Canadiana Tweeds on 5.5mm needles
More prizes! Thanks to Ssburke!
Get in on the Snuggle action At the Rav Board
Have you checked out the Stockinette Zombies? You should.
Poor wrist. it’s getting better though.
OMG Star Wars

Music: Peatrie The Land Before Time (Diana Ross)

If we hold on together

and just because I can, Believe in yourself, Diana Ross and Big Bird.

Episode 43 – Get your snuggle on!


In case it doesn’t show up here’s a link to it on Blip

Set List:
None to show, sorry.
Stockinette Socks in Witchy Woman by Vesper (which I’m calling the Joker socks) knit on 2.5mm
Shur’tugal Socks out of Tosh Sock in Flashdance knit on 2.5mm
Honey Cowl out of STR Lightweight in Happy Go Lucky knit on 4.0mm, I haven’t put up a project page, thats what happens when you work on side projects like snuggles.
The Cabled Monstrosity was started.
My First Snuggle! To wit there is no link, it’s red.
Come on over to the Yarnivorous Rav Boards for all your snuggle info needs, to post pictures, to join, to make merry.
A big thanks to DidoMum and Fibernymph for the pattern love.
Happy New Year to all!
Big BIG thanks to Diane of Knitabulls for her snuggletastic support.
The Music of Cowboy Bebop

Real Folk Blues

Green Bird

Ballad of Fallen Angels