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Episode 51 – Familial Delay


Snuggle #10
Cabled Monstrosity
Boromir Socks
lets not talk about crochet shall we?
Come on over to the Yarnivorous Group and remember to post your finished snuggles. Also remember to report them to Snuggles Project tis important y’all.
Gimli the first pair for the Fellowship of the Socks knit along, come join make merry.
Tegan and Sara

The First

My Number (note the tim hortons shirt, thought I was joking about it being canadian crack huh)

Dark Come Soon

More for Me

Episode 50 – Knitting Machine!


Two count em two snuggles!
Shurtugal Socks
La La Love You Cowl couldn’t remember if I finished this last week or this week.
The Cabled Monstrosity continues ever onwards!
Boromir is going to be sparkly and hes going to like it! out of Wandering Cat Yarns.
Snuggle Number 10 on its way.
Test knit, can’t show you but its pretty awesome.
Remember to come on over to The Rav Group and chime in on what LotR sock should be in March, and post all your snuggle glory for massive prizes!
Which brings us to our Music:
Buck 65

Blood of a Young Wolf
(one of my all time favorite songs, seriously)

Wicked and Weird


Kennedy Killed the Hat

Who By Fire (feat Jenn Grant)

Zombie Delight

Episode 48 – Happy Podiversary!


Your Handy Dandy Blip Link to the Episode

2 Snuggles
the Freak out Test knit.
Shurtugal Socks
Cabled Monstrosity
Joker Socks
La la Love You Cowl
Second ply on the horizon
Against Me

Those Anarcho Punks are Mysterious….
(I love singing this randomly)

acoustic new wave

Pints of Guiness Make You strong

I was a teenage anarchist
(If you’re averse to violence there is a guy getting his ass kicked by cops through 90% of the video)

White crosses