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Episode 59 – Lockdown


I made a Rikke Hat with the leftover tosh, it’s soft and pretty and warm, triple threat y’all.
The Tree of Life finally got finished, and man were they worth the work.

Gimli is still trucking, I got sidetracked by spinning and test knitting, I promise to have them done by next week for the new sock KAL 😉
Darjeeling or as I call them the tea socks, continue, they’re both easy and interesting, I like that.
started my mothers day knitting

Holy spinning batman! The loop bat is addictive.
I also finished the single of my Corgi Hill Farms Sample It shall be plyed oh yes it shall.
Highland Handmades came in the mail, by god it’s yummy, seriously I’m becoming a total HH fangirl.
Another Crafty Girl muppets and pokemon themed colorways, need I say more… no no I need not.
The next sock in the Fellowship of the Socks KAL is PIPPIN!!!! Come on and join in the fun on the rav boards, I anticipate pretty socks.

The Velvet Underground and Lou reed and Nico because really they all blend together.

Sweet Jane (Velvet Underground)

All tomorrows Parties (The Velvet Underground & Nico)

Venus in Furs (Velvet Underground & Nico)

This Magic Moment (Lou Reed)

Walk on the wild side (Lou Reed)

These Days (Nico)

Episode 58- The one without the title


Handspun Short Sleeve Cardi
Tree of Life Socks are back in rotation.
Darjeeling Socks
Gimli Socks
remember to vote for the May/June socks on the Who’s Next thread on the Rav. Boards.
I finished spinning the Bartlet Farm Fiber on my support spindle, next up will be Corgi Hill Farms sampler.
My new LotR book, you know its the sexiest book I’ve ever owned, serious.
Inspired by the book Just Kids this week rock out to some Patti Smith!

Because The Night

Dancing Barefoot


Pissing in a river

Glitter in their eyes

Free Money

Episode 57 – Spoiled (I am so)


Moody Kerchief
sorry y’all don’t get to see it, it’s still in MN
Gimli out of KP stroll in coaco on 1.5 needles.
Ananke out of STR lightweight colorway “Firecracker” on 3.5 mm us 4 needles.
Darjeeling Socks out of Great Adirondack Yarn colorway parakeet on 1.5 needles
Jewels out of my own handspun, go me!
Did I mention I’m spoiled, perhaps?
Support spindling with my podcaster challenge spindle
Big hugenormous thanks to Bev (Paletpc), the partner in crime, and his awesome mom. I am a really lucky lady.
The Horrorpops

Psychobitches outta hell


Where you can’t follow

Boot to Boot

Heading for the disco?