Daily Archives: June 10, 2012

Episode 65 – Spintastic


Finished Objects:
I had none when I recorded but have since finished Tony he is off to his new home. And yes, he remains mouthless.
Pippin continues on, also after recording I finished sock #1 so look forward to that next week.
Auntie Donna’s wrap makes some decent headway.
Finished the Crown Mountain Farms Fiber in the wish you were here colorway, got 809 yards of smooshy goodness.
Started Whispers of the Waves my own batts. Coming along thinner than I’d planned but still hella pretty.
CJTR (community radio) garage sale saturday was awesomeness, bought too much but hey what’s an audiophile supposed to do?
Getting closer to the 500 mark, come join the rav boards.
Should have new bags up in the shop sometime this week/weekend, keep an eye out if you want a batman.
You’re left to your own devices this week, pick any of the artists I talked about and expand your horizon.