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frogging, spinning, and christmas knitting in october


While I was packing and cleaning (still am actually) I’ve decided that there are things that need to be frogged, among them was Eileen from the No Sheep for you book. I knit it out of some gorgeous grey alpaca which was a birthday present, unfortuantly that was three sizes ago and now the thing looks like a bag when it’s on so it now looks similar to this.

It is going to be reborn more than likely as a nice¬† shawl, it is really prety and soft so I know I want to make it something that I will wear a lot. Shawls I wear a lot, especially in winter months when it’s too cold not to go crazy with layers.

Now of course I’m underway in my x-mass knitting. And since I know my sister in law doesn’t read this blog, here is what I’m working on. It’s the yoked cardigan by Hannah Fettig,¬† I’m making one for each of my neices (Zibbie’s is getting done first). As you can see it’s nearing compleation, just a sleeve and a half and some button bands and volia. I’d like to get it done before the move but that remains to be seen.

And while I was not knitting I was spinning (and watching the Big Bang Theory) to help destress. In the process I finished this lovely skein of BFL. Mom got it for me a while ago and I hand dyed it. I don’t know what I’m calling the colorway yet, it will come in time I’m sure. It wasn’t a colorway I went in with an idea about except that those were the colors I was jonesing for at the time.

The bat shawl is blocking at mom’s house, and I’ll take pictures of me and it with the dress and post them when I can. My internet abilities are going to be iffy around the 22nd what with the move and all, but you can rest assured I’ll be knitting spinning or carding a lot in the next few days (it’s the only thing that reduces the stress).


Retrograde Retrospective


Last week I caught a cold of the sinus infecting variety, and my computer caught a nasty virus (which I suppose was enevitable since it was virtually unprotected for several years). Thusly I was not only without my faculties but also without the interwebs that I have become accustomed to and love so much.
Needless to say until I can re-install all my software there will be no pictures of my current projects (no matter how this unnerves me).
Currently I’m frogging back half of the first half of the Weekend Sweater as I misread the instructions and rather than ending with a RS facing I ended on an RS and compleatly fraked up what i did. The sadder part is that I only realized this AFTER finishing the right front side. *facepalm* I will go back and re knit it but for now it’s recieving a time out.
I started christmas knitting, not that it will loosen the chaotic grip of Decembers mad dash to finish everything, but I have started.
The Aesthlight Shawl is trucking along, I’m now onto the border, it’s good to have the main triangle done, it gives me a vague sense of actually accomplishing something.
I have also dug out the snail mitts for moms friend and started back up on them again. The first one is 75% of the way done.
I appear to be drowning in WIP’s and have thusly put myself on a stop casting on kick until at least two of the things that are on the needles are done. This could take a while since many of them are larger things.
Vilai got frogged, mostly because I felt the med. weight STR was a bit too heavy for it, I will knit them just in a different yarn and at a different time. I have a thing about STR since it’s relatively expensive and hard to find in these parts (ie. if you don’t order it from the internet you better have a friend that lives somewhere that has STR), but I get a bit neurotic about which socks get to be knit out of it. Maybe someday that will change but on my student budget it makes sense to me.
I am currently at the office wearing the finished earth maiden. I need to do the I-cord for tying it up yet but my fervent dislike of i cord’s means that could take a while. I’m also contemplating useing a ribbon or something similar so I don’t have to make the I cord.
On the wheel is “Lambchop” some fleece I processed then dyed and carded into rolags. I’m doing the blue/green stuff right now. I imagine it will be very pretty when compleated. And when I get tired of all the stuff I have already blogged about (because my knitter/spinnerly add knows no bounds) I break out the carders and work on the Corridale I got a while back and processed. It’s a yummy chocolate brown/natural black that makes me want to drool.